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John W. Carlin, past Kansas governor
Kansas Elections

Kansas elections for state and federal offices have have been the focus of a number of studies over the years. In this section are studies of Kansas elections that includes races for congress, governor, Attorney General, and other offices.

< Photo left: John Carlin celebrating his come-from-behind victory over incumbent Bob Bennett in the 1978 Kansas Governor's race.

Kansas Politics Videos:

GOP response to Governor Laura Kelly State of the State, Jan. 24, 2023
  Governor Laura Kelly
State of the State address, Jan. 24, 2023
  Governor Laura Kelly
Swearing-in and inaugural speech - Jan. 8, 2023

  KS Speaker of the House
Ron Ryckman Response to State of the State - Jan. 11, 2022
  KS Governor Laura Kelly
State of the State Address - Jan. ,11, 2022

  KS GOP, Senator Ty Masterson Response to State of the State -- Jan 12, 2021
  KS Governor Laura Kelly
State of the State Address - Jan. 12, 2021

  KS Governor Laura Kelly State of the State Address 2020

  KS GOP, Senator Susan Wagle Response to Governor Laura Kelly State of State - January 16, 2019
  KS Governor Laura Kelly State of the State Address 2019
  KS Governor Laura Kelly Inauguration Address- Jan. 14, 2019

  KS Governor Laura Kelly Election Victory Speech, Part 1 and Part 2- Nov. 6, 2018

  KS Governor Sam Brownback 2017 State of the State Address

  KS Governor Sam Brownback Inaugural Address and ceremony, KSNT coverage
  KS Governor Sam Brownback 2011 KS State of the State Speech

  KS Governor Mark Parkinson: State of the State Address, January 11, 2010
  KS Governor Mark Parkinson: Reads Dr. Seuss to children, March 2, 2010
  KS Governor Mark Parkinson: Pro-Kansas, Anti-Missouri Speech at Symphony of the Flint Hills, June 12, 2010

  Kansas Legislature, How bill becomes a law, KSNT Topeka
  KS Governor Mark Parkinson, Address to KS Legislature after taking office, April 30, 2009

  KS Lt. Governor Mark Parkinson U.S. Democratic Convention interview
  KS Governor Kathleen Sebelius U.S. Democratic Convention interview

  Ask Your Legislator State level
  KS Governor Kathleen Sebelius 2nd Inaugural January 8, 2007 [1:00:18]

  KS Governor Kathleen Sebelius candidate forum video
  Kansas Week Election tv program, with guests Nancy Boyda and Susan Wagle
  "What's the Matter with Kansas" tv special, with Professor Bob Beatty

  Topeka defeats anti-gay ordinance, KSNT coverage

Documentary, KS Senate Race, Laura Kelly (D) vrs. Dave Jackson (R)
  KS Congressman
Dennis Moore (D) in-depth TV interview
  KS Governor Kathleen Sebelius
, speaks at the Democratic Convention
  KS Governor Kathleen Sebelius, State of the State
  KS Governor Kathleen Sebelius, CNN Profile

  KS Senator Sam Brownback in-depth interview
  KS Congressman Jerry Moran in-depth interview
  KS Sen. Pat Roberts in depth interview
  KS Governor Kathleen Sebelius, tv profile

  "Bill's Run" Documentary: Kansas Legislature GOP Primary Race: Bill Kassebaum vs. Shari Weber

  "Insight Politics" interivew with Annie Kuether, KS State Legislator
  "Insight Politics" interivew with Jim Slattery, KS Congressman
  "Insight Politics" interivew with Ron Thornburgh, KS Sec. of State
  "Insight Politics" Topeka Economic Development Plans, with Lisa Stubbs and Doug Kinsinger

  "Mr. Moore Runs for Washington":
  Documentary on U.S. Congress, District 3 race between Dennis Moore (D) and. Vince Snowbarger (R)

  KS Governor Bill Graves, Supporting the Arts speech

  KS Governor
Bill Graves (R), campaigning at Kansas State Fair

  KS Governor Alf Landon documentary, "My Talk with Papa"

  Dr. John Brinkley of Kansas documentary, Goat Gland Doctor

  KS  Governor Robert Docking tv special

  Governor Robert Docking, video clips
  KS Senator James Pearson discusses Nixon visit to China
  KS Congressman Bill Roy, “Ask Congress” Health Care tv program

  KS Governor William Avery video footage

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