School of Business

Honors and Awards

Exceptional academic performance is rewarded in the School of Business. Students will receive recognition via the Dean’s list and the President’s list. Students graduating in the top 10 percent of their class are tapped to join Beta Gamma Sigma the international business honor society. Students may also earn School of Business Scholar and School of Business Honors.

Major Field Test


The Washburn University School of Business, as part of its continuous improvement efforts and consistent with the requirements of Washburn University, the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, and theAssociation for the Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), administers surveys and tests to its students, graduates, staff and external constituents. For currently enrolled students, the tests and surveys are required as part of coursework or as program and degree graduation requirements separate from coursework, and independently of the catalog under which the student intends to graduate. Tests may be administered during regularly scheduled classes, or at other time separate from class meeting times. 

The Major Field Test is a degree requirement for all business students and is taken by students enrolled in our capstone business course, BU449 Strategic Management. This test is prepared by Educational Testing Services (ETS). The content of the Major Field Tests reflects the basic knowledge and understanding gained in the core undergraduate curriculum. The tests are two-hour, multiple-choice examinations designed to assess mastery of concepts and principles as well as knowledge expected of students at the conclusion of a major in specific subject areas. They go beyond measurement of factual knowledge, however, because they also evaluate students' ability to analyze and solve problems, understand relationships, and interpret material.

For the last several semesters the School mean has been at or above the 80th percentile. We are pleased with these scores as they confirm what we have always believed, that our students are getting a great education from the School of Business! Approximately 560 institutions and more than 68,000 students participate in the administration of the Major Field Test. The following students have scored in the top 25 percent nationally since we began testing in the summer of 2002. Way to go students, we are proud of you!

During the last academic year, Washburn students who individually scored in the 75th percentile and above

BBA Students

BBA Students 
Fall 2015
BBA Students 
Spring 2016
BBA Students 
Summer 2016

Joseph Archer
Kevin Burdiek
Jacob Fulcher
Etienne Hernandez   
Dalton Hiegert
Chelsea Jenks
Charles Knutson
Krystle McDonald
Catherine Metzger
James Millen
Samuel Olberding
Joshua Patterson
Bryce Simons

Alexa Bowen
Andrew Brown
Melissa Carswell      
David Gauntt
Eli Goracke
Jake Gregg
Jhami Guffey
Tyler Heathman
Ben Lindner
Evan Mietchen
Sean Miller
Zack Moats
Lauren Moon
Dustin Myers
Kayla Oniki
Blake Porter
Connor Smith
Sara Specht
Xiaoyan Wang
Matthew Weaver
Kennedy White

Lance Burkholder
Matthew Busey
Brady Buxman
Kathryn Elkins
Paul Flumen
Marcella Haskell
Johnnie Knebel
Kristen Kogl
Adam Smith

MBA Students

MBA Students
Fall 2013
MBA Students
Spring 2014
Rizki Aljpri
Christina Howard
Steven Jablonowski
Sherzod Kadirov
Samantha Koops
Sijan Mainali
Zhiren Quan
Jeri Walkowiak
Xiaoyun Yu
Bahodur Abdukhalikov
Iffat Alrowaithy
Jongtak Choi
Beau Duncan
Sandra Haines
David Halferty
Bruce Kamanga
Rick Pemberton
Ken Pfannenstiel
Joshua Schumm
Michael Wilson

Dicus Excellence in Teaching Award

The Dicus Excellence in Teaching Award is made possible by the generosity of long-time Topekans John C. “Jack” and Betty Dicus.  Each year, members of the Dean’s Student Advisory Committee gather nominations from the School of Business student body for this prestigious award.   The student committee alone selects the recipient and the award winner is named at the annual School of Business scholarship awards luncheon.  Each award winner has demonstrated excellence in teaching and dedication to the mission of the Washburn School of Business.

Robert Weigand Esmond Alleyne
Prof. Robert Weigand
Prof. Esmond Alleyne

Dmitri Nizovtsev

Jim Martin

Craig Blumreich

Prof. Dmitri Nizovtsev

Prof. Jim Martin

Prof. Craig Blumreich

Professor Susie Pryor

Professor Rob Weigand

Professor Jennifer Ball

Prof. Susie Pryor

Prof. Robert Weigand

Prof. Jennifer Ball

Professor Dmitri Niztosev

Professor Kandy Ockree

Professor Jim Martin

Prof. Dmitri Nizovtsev

Prof. Kandy Ockree

Prof. Jim Martin

Professor Gary Baker

Tom Clevenger

Prof. Gary Baker

Prof. Tom Clevenger