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Junior Achievement of Kansas is considered one of the best JA programs in the country. Through JA, grade school and middle school students learn about business, personal finance, and free enterprise. This year over 21,000 children in Northeast Kansas participated in JA classes. 43% of all school age children in Shawnee County will have had a JA project in their classroom this year. More than 1,800 children in 88 Topeka classrooms learned about economics from Washburn School of Business students.

While some students teach a section or two to earn extra credit for a class, many others simply do it as part of their commitment towards community service. In addition to teaching classes, many members of Washburn student organizations serve as volunteers at the annual JA Auction and the JA Topeka Business Hall of Fame Gala Dinner. 

Washburn Transformational Experience
The Washburn Transformational Experience (WTE) program was established to provide you with an opportunity to make a difference to others or society through enhanced learning in four transformational areas. This experience will enable you to gain advanced learning in ways other than through traditional college studies. Additionally, after graduating when you are competing with others for employment, this experience will allow you to set yourself apart. You will be able to showcase your newly acquired skills and experience on your resume or during your interview! Employers are looking for candidates who have gone above and beyond the status quo. What will you have to offer?

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Community Service: Students will participate in a service learning experience with a focus complementing their interests and academic pursuits. This experience should help student understand how they fit within the larger community, how their work connects them to the community, and how their efforts can impact the community. Many different types of opportunities are available!