Executive Staff

WSGA is hiring!

APPLY NOW for one of the following executive staff positions: PR and Marketing Director, Chief of Staff, and Legislative and Research Director.

For job descriptions, please contact

President | Vice-President | Chief of Staff | Budget Director | Marketing and PR Director | Special Events and Diversity Initiatives Director | Administrative Assistant | Assistant to Chief of Staff |


Alexis Simmons


(785) 670-2322


Scott Weinkauf


(785) 670-2349

Caleb Soliday

Chief of Staff

(785) 670-2318

Zac Surrit

Budget Director

(785) 670-2317

Katie Wade

Marketing and PR Director

(785) 670-2320

Zach King

Special Events and Diversity Initiatives Director

(785) 670-2316


Natasha Martinez

Legislative and Research Director

(785) 670-2321

Jack Siebert

Administrative Assistant

(785) 670-1169

Zoey Brandt

Assistant to the Chief of Staff