The Bachelor of Arts in Art History program is structured for students interested in museum studies, working in an art gallery, or doing advanced work in art history. You'll take in-depth courses in art history and theory, as well as courses on the role of modern art. You'll learn about museums, research in art history, and take basic drawing and design courses. You'll graduate the program with an advanced understanding of art's role in society, both past and present. 

Required Courses: 22 hours

  •  AR 101 Survey of Art History I (3)
  •  AR 102 Survey of Art History II (3)
  •  AR 120 Design I: 2D (3) OR AR 140 Drawing I (3)
  •  AR 131 Basic Photo Imaging (3)
  •  AR 300 Art Theory Past and Present (3)
  •  AR 313 Museums & Materials (3)
  •  AR 312 Research in Art History (3) OR AR 401 Internship (3)
  •  AR 402 Art Forum (1)
  •  AR 309 Arts of Africa (3) OR AR 310 Art of Asia (3) OR AR 311 Art of the Americas (3)
  •  AR 301 Ancient Art (3) OR AR 302 Medieval Art (3) OR AR 304 Renaissance Art (3)
  •  AR 306 Development of Modern Art (3) OR AR 307 20th Century Art (3) OR AR 407 21st Century Art Practices (3)

Art History Electives : 9 hours

Minimum 40 hrs in Major

All Major and Correlated Courses must be "C" or better

Required Correlated Courses: RG105 Intro to Old Testament (3), RG106 Intro to New Testament (3)OR RG 102 World Religions (3). Will also count as Gen. Ed. Humanities credit.

Student drawing outside
Professor and student discussing drawing
Student and professor discussing painting
Professor showing student a sculpture

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