Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (ACS Certified)

The B.S. degree in Chemistry (certified by the American Chemical Society) is obtained by students who are primarily interested in pursuing chemistry as a profession (entering work force or graduate study).

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (Non-ACS Certified)

This B.S. degree in Chemistry is designed for students receiving a B.S. degree in another science or mathematics who also wish to obtain a major in chemistry. This degree is also suitable for students who would like to pursue chemistry secondary education licensure.

Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry

The B.A. degree in Chemistry serves pre-professional students who are preparing themselves for entrance into professional schools.

Minor in Chemistry

The minor in chemistry teaches the basics of general and organic chemistry, as well as one other area in chemistry of your choice. The minor is designed to ensure a level of expertise that allows you to be knowledgeable in chemistry fundamentals.

A minimum of 20 hours in Chemistry including:

Course Number 

Course Title 

Credit Hours

CH 151  Fundamentals of Chemistry I  5
CH 152  Fundamentals of Chemistry II  5
CH 340  Organic Chemistry I  3
CH 341  Organic Chemistry II  3


   300 level or higher Chemistry Course  4

25% of the total minor hours must be taken in residence at Washburn University. Credit in CH 390 (Chemical Research) does not apply toward the 20 hour minimum requirement.

For a complete description of the individual classes, go to the course catalog at:

Academic Catalog

(Note, this link opens a pdf file of the entire undergraduate catalog in a new window.  When it opens, if you click on the ribbon icon in the upper right corner, it will open a page index.  If you click on any of the arrows, it will open a sub-menu for that section.  If you click on College of Arts and Sciences, you can then scroll down to the Mass Media Department and click on that link to open the course listing for Mass Media.)

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