Bachelor of Arts

The Washburn University kinesiology department offers two bachelor of arts degree programs.
Bachelor of Arts in Health and Fitness Promotion

Health and Fitness Promotion

The Bachelor of Arts in Health and Fitness Promotion is for students desiring to pursue careers in health promotion, wellness and/or fitness-related settings. Areas such as exercise and sports performance, personal fitness training, corporate wellness, recreation/leisure studies, public health management and not-for-profit health agencies are some examples. In addition, you could pursue advanced degrees in other health and fitness related professions but may need to complete additional course work to meet prerequisite requirements for graduate school.

Bachelor of Arts in Sport Management

Sport Management

Sport management prepares students for managerial positions in a variety of sports-related organizational settings through the development of skills in the areas of planning, organizing, directing, leading and evaluating programs. Examples of these organizations include:

  • College/professional/amateur sports (e.g., Olympics)
  • Sport marketing and management firms
  • Sport communications and news media firms
  • Corporate sponsorship and advertising firms
  • Sporting goods firms, arenas, stadiums, and civic centers
  • College/university intramural sports programs
  • Community recreation sports programs
  • Social service agency sports programs (e.g., YMCA)
  • Private club sports programs
  • Military sports programs

For a complete description of the individual classes, go to the course catalog at:

Academic Catalog

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