Contemporary Kansas Authors (Each with a Book in Print)

 Date Entered   Author    Book in Print
February 2000 Bob Woodley Chap. V of Cry to Dream Again (Only in On-Line File)
February 2000 David Tangeman Gathering Reunion
March 2000 Larry McGurn The Printer: and Other Stories
April 2000 Denise Low New and Selected Poems, 1980-1999
May 2000 Repha Buckman Repha
June 2000 Tom Averill Secrets of the Tsil Cafe (and Japanese Translation)
July 2000 Celia Daniels & Cynthia Pederson Fissures
August 2000 Robert Carey Freedom Ships 
September 2000 Keith Denniston Jazz Moods 
October 2000 Eleanor Bell Flights Through Inner Space
November 2000 Roger Kirschbaum Hunter Ranch
December 2000 Tetsuro Takahashi Petals Falling in the Night
January 2001 Philip Heldrich Good Friday 
February 2001 Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg Lot's Wife
March 2001 Tom Ellis Candidate to Kill 
April 2001 Max Yoho The Revival, Tales from Comanche County
May 2001 William Stafford Kansas Poems of William Stafford
June 2001 Edgar Wolfe To All The Islands Now
July 2001 C. Robert Haywood The Preacher' Kid
August 2001 Harley Elliott The Monkey of Mulberry Pass
September 2001 Stephen Meats Looking for the Pale Eagle
October 2001 Christopher Cokinos Killing Seasons; Hope Is the Thing With Feathers
November 2001 Steven Hind That Trick of Silence; In a Place With No Map
December 2001 Thomas C. Kennedy Four; Beowulf
January 2002 Michael Poage The Gospel of Mary; god won't overlook us
February 2002 Donald Levering Horsetail
March 2002 Stuart Levine The Monday-Wednesday-Friday Girl 
April-May 2002 Gene DeGruson Goat's House
June 2002 Naomi Patterson Living Out Loud; Thinking Out Loud
July 2002 William Sheldon Retrieving Old Bones
July 2003  Bobbie J. A. Pfeifer Hush Little Baby, Don't You Cry
January 2004 Mark Bouton Max Conquers the Cosmos
March 2004 Ragen Murray Life and Love Come Together: Poems for Marjorie
June 2004 Dale E. Vaughn The Chance
September 2004 Roy Bird Civil War in Kansas
November 2004 Tom Mach Sissy!
March 2005 Amy Fleury Beautiful Trouble
August 2005 Marshall C. Clark An Eclectic's Buffet
November 2005 Gene DeGruson Goat's House
March 2006 Roy Bird In His Brother's Shadow
December 2006 John Jenkinson Rebekah Orders Lasagna
February 2007 David Tangeman Gathering Reunion, Black Cow 
July 2007 Max Yoho Revival, Comanche County, Felicia, Moon Butter Route
March 2008 Cynthia Dennis The Sunflower Sinner
June 2008 Esther Luttrell Murder in the Movies
September 2009
Errol Wayne Anderson
The Job Coach
August 2010 Eric McHenry Potscrubber Lullabies