Consistent with the mission of the University, Learning in the Community (LinC), Washburn's Center for Community and Civic Engagement, promotes opportunities for Washburn students, faculty, and staff to engage in meaningful curricular and co-curricular experiences that enhance academic learning while improving the community. Through ongoing interaction with students, LinC provides opportunities for learning, leadership, and engagement that result in the development of productive and responsible citizens and professionals in their given discipline.

As the Center for Community and Civic Engagement at Washburn University, Learning in the Community (LinC) is the central unit responsible for developing, organizing, supporting, integrating, and assessing all community service and civic engagement activities.

To this end, LinC serves as the central unit for training, organizing, and educating community partners, community engaged students, and community engaged faculty to develop a cross cultural understanding for just community participation in a diverse local community and world. This is accomplished through programming, training, and leadership development that links academics and co-curricular experiences to build reciprocal relationships between community partners and the university. 


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