Ichabod Senior Academy

Washburn University, which historically prizes access to postsecondary education, continues to develop pathways that meets students where they are in their individual preparation.  The Ichabod Senior Academy is a collaborative effort of the Center for Student Success, Mabee Library, Academic Affairs, the Department of English, Student Life, and Enrollment Management at Washburn University and area high schools.

The Ichabod Senior Academy provides academically high achieving Shawnee County high school seniors, during the second semester of their senior year, the opportunity to earn nine hours of academic credit on the Washburn University campus. 

Academy students enroll in WU101 The Washburn Experience and up to two General Education courses (9 hours total) at half of normal tuition and complete a preliminary academic and career plan to jump start their postsecondary education.  High school principals or counselors nominate students with a 3.5 GPA or higher to the Academy.  Those invited to join the Academy, if under 18, require the approval of the parent or legal guardian to participate.

For more information contact your high school counselor or visit: www.washburn.edu/ace.

For students and counselors who want to learn more about admission into the Ichabod Senior Academy, please contact Associate Director of Admission Brett Johnson at brett.johnson1@washburn.edu and/or 785.670.1988.

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