Kansas residents 60 years of age and over may audit credit courses at Washburn University without paying University tuition, University fees or activities fee charges. Being able to audit a course is subject to avail­ability of class space and to the enrollment of a specified minimum number of fee paying students. The costs of materials and/or textbooks are the responsibility of the auditor.

If you participate, you won't be required to prepare homework assignments or take examinations. You can participate fully in classroom discussion and laboratory and field work. You won't receive college credit for an audited course so no transcript will be generated for you. While auditing a course you are expected to follow University rules and regulations regarding parking, library privileges, the student code of conduct, and other appropriate regulations.

All auditors must be at least 60 years old on or before the first day of the semester/term in which the class is taught. You should be prepared to verify your birth date, either with a driver's license or other government-issued id or birth certificate, when you register.

Your course registration forms will be processed only after the majority of fee paying students have enrolled which enables the identification of classes that have space available.

By filling out a non-degree seeking application, auditors may apply in the Office of Admissions, and then they will enroll through the University Registrar's Office. Registration instructions are available in the Registration Information Guide for each semester/term under the title "60 Years of Age and Over Audit Program."

Complete the 60+ Audit Application

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