Washburn University Honors Program

The University Honors Program provides students with the opportunity to personalize and deepen their educational experience through engaging courses, independent projects, connections with faculty, extracurricular activities, and study abroad programs. Students of all majors and at any point in their academic journey are encouraged to apply.

First-year Honors students may choose to live in our Honors Leaning Community in the Lincoln Hall. Students who live in the Honors LC take a common course together and enjoy specialized social activities. 

Why join Honors?

Exclusive Scholarship Opportunities

You'll be eligible for the Brunt scholarship, valued at up to $2,000 ($500 annually), awarded competitively to multiple new and current Honors students. Apply by applying to the Honors Program.

Living Learning Community

Honors students can choose to live in the Honors Learning Community in the residence halls, taking a shared course and enjoying exclusive social activities. Honors LC

Peer Engagement

Join a tight-knit community of curious minds, have fun with the Honors Student Council, study abroad, and gain an audience for your academic work. Plus, get exclusive access to the Honors Student Lounge located in the Henderson Learning Resources Center.

Graduate with Honors

You can gain experiences essential to your future career, and receive recognition on your transcripts and at graduation.

Priority Enrollment

Honors freshmen get first enrollment choice in classes which means you can sign up early for popular classes.

Enhanced Mentoring

You can gain more time with faculty mentors, engage in collaborative work, and enjoy unique courses.

Trevor Ottman

Meet Trevor, a current honors student

At Washburn University, the Honors Program isn't just an academic initiative – it's a pathway to personal and communal development. Take it from students like Trevor Ottman, who've found their college experiences profoundly enriched by this program.

As Ottman describes it, "Washburn's Honors Program has had quite the impact on my college experience, both as an academic tool and an organizational body." He goes on to say, "The classes have never felt daunting or unreasonable. They do more than simply throw facts at you to memorize, but instead they push for a new method of understanding that is a lot more nuanced, thoughtful and comprehensive."

And here's the best part – it's not all about hitting the books. The Honors Program fosters a sense of belonging and collaboration. "I have been lucky to be a part of the Honors Living Community, where I would meet some of my best friends," Ottman says. "We were brought together with common interests in mind and a shared passion for learning."

The Honors Program is your bridge to academic excellence and building lasting friendships. As Ottman aptly puts it, "Honors has had no downside in my Washburn experience, and I will continue to challenge myself through the opportunities it provides."


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