Washburn University Honors Program

The Washburn University Honors Program connects students and faculty across campus in a common search for knowledge and understanding.  We offer opportunities for honors students to work closely with professors in and outside of formal courses, and we encourage students to devote their intellectual talents to gaining a deeper understanding of all that they study.

If you are a curious student who is passionate about making the most of your university education, the Washburn University Honors Program is for you.

Honors students can take unique courses to fulfill general education and university requirements, including:

  • HN 101: a special section of the Washburn Experience focused on critical thinking and engagement
  • HN 201/2: topics vary each semester, and have included “Dining Out in History, Literature, and Film;” “Introduction to Poverty Studies;” “Kansas Legislative Experience;” and many more
  • HN 301/2: topics very each semester, and have included "Shakespeare," "Life and Death on a Kansas Homestead,"  "Philosophy of Mind" and many more

Honors students can also create contracts to make any course an honors course by working individually with a faculty mentor.  Honors students work with professors in and outside of their major departments to enrich existing courses with innovative projects.  Sample honors contract components:

  • Shadow a professional in the field
  • Edit a collection of student work
  • Gain additional time to discuss course material

Joining the Honors Program also means building a community of engaged scholars.  As an Honors student, you can:

  • Join the Honors Student Council and influence the future of the program
  • Attend special events for Honors students and learn from Honors Program guest speakers
  • Take classes with a cohort of students who are curious and motivated
  • Present your work at regional and national honors conferences

Honors students can graduate with university honors at one of three levels of Honors credit by taking a specific number of Honors courses over the course of their time at Washburn:

  • Honors Associate - 12 Hours
  • Honors Scholar - 18 Hours
  • Honors Graduate - 24 Hours

Want to learn more?

Students at any point of their academic journey are encouraged to inquire about the University Honors Program. Individuals may apply on their own, be recommended by their high school or college faculty, or be invited to apply by the Director of the University Honors Program. Students who demonstrate a strong probability of benefiting from and contributing to the program will be offered University Honors membership. Although proven scholastic performance is important, the Honors Director will place substantial emphasis on student interest and motivation in pursuing membership and involvement in the Honors Program.

Click on the links above for additional information or contact us at honors@washburn.edu.  You can also contact the director, Kerry Wynn, at any time by calling 785-670-2062 or emailing kerry.wynn@washburn.edu.

The office for the University Honors Program is located in Henderson Learning Center (HC) 110. The Honors Study Lounge exclusively for Honors students is located in HC101.

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