Students who have performed poorly in their first year or two at college and then withdraw or are dismissed frequently return to school at a later date to resume their education. Unfortunately, their prior academic record often presents a major obstacle to their overall success.

Persons in this category who want an opportunity for a fresh undergraduate start at Washburn University, without the handicap of their prior academic record, may apply for admission under Academic Fresh Start subject to the following conditions.

  • All previous academic work at any college or university will be disregarded with respect to Washburn University graduation requirements. The prior academic record remains a part of the student overall academic transcript, but none of it is carried forward as part of his/her program. The transcript will indicate "Academic Fresh Start" and the date it was granted. The student will then begin his/her college study again under the current catalog with no credits attempted, no credits earned, and no grade points earned. This policy applies only to Washburn students. A student transferring from Washburn University to another institution will have to follow the receiving institution's policy.
  • A person may receive Academic Fresh Start only once.
  • At least three years must have elapsed between the end of the semester in which the applicant was last in attendance at college and the beginning of the semester in which he/she intends to re-enroll.
  • A student granted Academic Fresh Start is considered an entering freshman and as such is eligible for consideration for all academic opportunities afforded any Washburn students. Granting of Academic Fresh Start does not mean the student is eligible for financial aid. An individual request for reinstatement of federal aid should be directed to the financial aid office in writing.

The applicant will present his/her petition for Academic Fresh Start to Academic Advising in the Center for Student Success. If the applicant is a transfer student or a former Washburn student who subsequently attended another institution, an official copy of all transcripts must be on file in the Office of Admissions before the application is considered. Students must apply 30 days before each semester's enrollment period.

For questions or additional information, e-mail or contact the Academic Advising Office, 785-670-1942, Mabee 201.

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