What is 15 to Finish?

The Washburn University 15 to Finish program encourages students to graduate on time by completing 15 credit hours a semester.

Why is 15 to Finish right for me?

GRADUATION - Your chances of graduating will increase-the longer it takes to graduate, the more life gets in the way.

OPTIONS - Once you finish your studies, you can travel, start your career, or look into an advanced degree.

INCOME - The faster you graduate, the faster you can start your career and earn money.

How can I accomplish 30 hours in one year?

If you take 12 hours in one semester, take 18 hours in the other or take summer classes.

What are my Financial Aid requirements?

Cumulative GPA 2.0

Successfully complete 67% of attempted courses

Maximum of 155 hours completed for first bachelor’s degree

All scholarship renewals and deadlines are DECEMBER 1st

How do I get Started?

Take the RIGHT courses to graduate on time-the Academic Advising Office is here to help you decide on the classes you need to complete degree requirements.

How can I balance the course load?

Students who take more credits generally earn higher grades. Studies show that if you are already taking 12-14 credits, adding a class to may make your grades go UP.

I thought 12 credit hours is considered full time. What’s the difference between 12 and 15?

Taking 12 credit hours each semester means you will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in 5 years. Taking 15 credit hours per semester cuts that down to 4 years.

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