One of the advantages of the Leadership Challenge Event is that it gives participating students as well as the Washburn University Leadership Institute the opportunity to connect with campus leaders and leaders in the Topeka community. Partnerships are very important to us at the Leadership Institute and we value the insight and real-life experience that they often provide. 

It is our hope to have several campus and community members participate with the LCE being connected as volunteers. Qualified volunteers are needed to ensure the adequate implementation of a high quality experience for all participants.

Benefits of Being a Volunteer

There are several benefits to individuals volunteering their time in support of the Leadership Challenge Event; some of these benefits include the following:

  • Contribute to the leadership development of our community’s high school and college students;
  • Develop your own leadership skills through your optional involvement in leadership workshops;
  • Participate in an one-of-a kind historical community event; 
    Experience the unique partnering opportunity across academic, non-profit, and for-profit sectors;
  • Take advantage of potential recruiting opportunities and visibility of your organization with participating students;
  • Interact with the leaders of our community throughout the day; 
  • Have a lot of Fun!

Volunteer Opportunities

The Leadership Challenge Event™ utilizes approximately 180 volunteers from Washburn University and the greater Topeka community each year in order to make the event a success. There are a variety of roles ranging from all-day experiences to smaller roles as your schedule allows. Primary volunteer opportunities for campus and community partners include:

  • Judges - Individuals that will engage in the evaluation of competitive teams in the leadership simulation, focusing on elements of both leader and leadership effectiveness
  • Scorers - Individuals that will engage in the data collection and scoring of competitive teams in the leadership simulation
  • Role Players - Individuals that will play fictional roles as part of the leadership simulation in a live interactive format
  • Current Washburn University students - numerous opportunities to volunteer in multiple areas on both Thursday and Friday.

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