Welcome to WU 101: The Washburn Experience!

Your first semester of college is crucial because it will go far in determining your success.

Your Washburn Experience Success Team exists to assist you as you transition into the life of a university student, and to aid you in developing a plan that leads to graduation. Together we will spend your first semester learning about Information Literacy, Washburn University and what it takes to succeed as a university student, so please know that your Success Team exists to help you reach your dreams and goals.

During the fall semester we offer several thematic sections of WU 101. These sections allow students to connect with an interest area and faculty in those areas from their very first semester as an Ichabod. Thematic sections meet all of the criteria for a traditional WU 101 section. If you see one that is of interest, be sure to chat with your advisor about this possibility.

Current thematic section offerings:

  • First-Generation
  • Exploratory (still picking a major)
  • Biology
  • Honors (listed under HN 101)
  • Music
  • Pre-Nursing
  • Community Engaged (works with LinC Office)
  • Success Coaching Initiative
  • Adult Learner
  • Adult Learner – Veteran

Again, welcome to Washburn University, WU 101: The Washburn University Experience, and remember—Go Bods!

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