Associate professor, history, and dean, university libraries


  • A North  Atlantic Puritan: John Owen (1616-83) and the North Atlantic Christian World. Saarbrücken, Germany: Lambert Academic Publishing, 2010.

Journal articles

  • "Charles Sheldon and Charles F. Parham: Adapting Christianity to the Challenges of the West: Topeka, Kansas, as the Birthplace of Modern American Religion, Kansas History: A Journal of the Central Plains 32 (summer 2009): 106-23.

Encyclopedia entries

  • "The Sugar Act of 1764," "The Stamp Act of 1765" and "The Intolerable Acts of 1774," The World Book Encyclopedia, August 2008.

Film reviews

  • "Kansas vs. Darwin: A Documentary about the Kansas Evolution Hearings" (Jeff Tamblyn, director) and "Fall from Grace" (K. Ryan Jones, director), Kansas History: A Journal of the Central Plains 32 (summer 2009): 135-7.

Awards and honors

  • Bronze Good Citizenship Medal, The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, 2010
  • Phi Beta Delta Honor Society for International Scholars, 2009
  • Mortar Board National Honor Society, 2008
  • Sagamore, 2008


  • Council of Deans and Directors, Kansas State University Libraries
  • Executive committee, Kansas Association of Historians (2010-13)


  • "Advocating for the Academic Library in the 21st Century," Southeast Kansas Academic Libraries, May 2010
  • "Charles Sheldon and Tennessee Town," Reconnection IV, Kansas Historical Society, April 2010
  • :"American Religious History for Pastors and Churches: Reading It, Writing It and Saving It," Mid-American Ministers Council Retreat, Dayton, Iowa, April 2010
  • "Separation of Church and State in United States History: Then and Now," Central Congregational Church, Topeka, April 2010
  • "Topeka, Kansas: Place and 20th Century American Religions History," The Kansas Association of Historians, Kansas City, Mo., April 2010
  • "A History of Conflict within the Christian Church: Real or Imagined," Seabrook Area Churches Lenten Series, Topeka, March 2010
  • "Why Academia," Delta Chi Fireside Chat, Washburn University, February 2010
  • "George Washington at Newburgh: Glasses, Tears and the Saving of the Revolution," George Washington Birthday Celebration, Kansas City Area Chapters of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, February 2010
  • "Studying History to Understand Core Baptist Principles in the 21st Century," Together in the Lord Conference, American Baptist Churches, USA Ministry Renewal Conference, Orlando, Fla., January 2010
  • "Adapting Christianity to the West: Charles F. Parham and the Birth of Modern Pentecostalism in Topeka, Kansas"; "Witchcraft in the United States" (paper session chairman and discussant); "Early American History" (paper session chairman and discussant), Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society Conference, San Diego, Calif., January 2010
  • "Charles Sheldon and Neighborhood Development in Topeka, Kansas," Shawnee County History Society, Topeka, December 2009
  • "Matters Today: American Religious History," Sparkplugs, Topeka, November 2009
  • "A Kansas Library Consortia for the 21st Century," Kan-Ed Discovery Day, Wichita, Kans., November 2009
  • "The Future of Scholarship in the History of Christianity," Western Fellowship of Professors and Scholars," Manhattan, Kans., October 2009
  • "When is a War Just? An Historical and Contemporary Perspective" (roundtable participant), Topeka Center for Peace and Justice, July 2009
  • "Building a 21st Century Library: Golf Course Included, Inspiration, Innovation, Celebration," An Entrepreneurial Conference for Librarians, University of North Carolina at Greensboro and Wake Forest University, June 2009
  • "John Owen: North Atlantic Puritan," Sixteenth Century Society Conference, Geneva, Switzerland, May 2009
  • "Religion and the American Revolution," Kansas Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, March 2009
  • "Voting Values and Justice: Recovering Our Lost Spiritual Traditions," Mainstream Voices of Faith, October 2008
  • "From the Founding Fathers to Flynt v. Falwell: Episodes in the History of American Civil Religion," Phi Alpha Theta, Washburn University, September 2008
  • "Saving the Empire: Billy Graham in Britain and Australia During the 1950s," Conference on Faith and History, Bluffton (Ohio) University, September 2008
  • "So Why Not Billy? The London Press and Billy Graham in 1954," Kansas Association of Historians Meeting, Independence (Kans.) Community College, April 2008
  • "The Four Legs of the Baptist Faith, First Baptist Church, Topeka, April 2008
  • "Out of the Depths: Works by French Expressionist Georges Rouault," Mulvane Art Museum Conversations, Topeka, February 2008
  • "Evangelical Christianity and the Modern Environmental Movement," Seabrook Area Churches, Topeka, February 2008
  • "The Six Big Myths of American Religious History," Westminster Presbyterian Church, Topeka, February 2008
  • "Christianity in the United Kingdom versus Christianity in the United States: The Impact of Modernity," The Sheppard's Center, February 2008
  • "Religion and Politics in Modern America," Mainstream Topeka Clergy meeting, January 2008
  • "What War is Ending? Primitive Baptists and the End of World War II in the Signs of the Times," Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society Conference, Santa Ana Pueblo, N.M., January 2008

Community involvement

  • USD 501 Early Childhood Strategic Planning Group (2008)


  • Sweet Summer Sabbatical, 2009
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