Snyder Distinguished Lecturer, School of Business

Journal articles

  • "An Analysis of Economic and Social Recession-Affected Constructs in the Kansas City Region (2000-09)," Regional Business Review (forthcoming) (with Jennifer Ball and Janice Schrum).
  • "The Bankruptcy Option:  Does the United Airlines Model Work for General Motors?" Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies, forthcoming (with Janice Schrum).
  • "Corporate Governance, Business Ethics and Individual Responsibility," Ethics and Critical Thinking, 200(3), p. 1-14 (with James Haines).
  • "Subprime Mortgage Defaults:  A Confluence of Upward Aspirations and Readily Available Capital," Problems and Perspectives in Management, 6(3), p. 83-90 (with Janice Schrum).
  • "Section 404 of Sarbanes-Oxley Act:  An Analysis of External and Internal Responses, "The CPA Journal, forthcoming (with Kanalis Ockree).
  • "Forget Theory - Five Common Sense Rules Govern the Regulation of Electric Utilities," Public Administration and Management:  An Interactive Journal, 13(2), p. 40-63 (with James Haines).

Awards and honors

  • A. Roy Myers Excellence in Research Award 2012
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