Assistant professor, psychology

Journal articles

  • "Connection Social Psychology to the Experience of Others through a Nonfiction Book Analysis: New Wine in an Old Bottle." Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 13:72-83 (2013) (with D.R. Shurtz, C.A.J. Powell, D.J.Y. Combs; R.H. Smith).


  • "Sucker Rumination: How Aversive Self-directed Cognition Affect Purchase Intentions," Mountain Plains Management Conference, Cedar City, Utah, October 2013
  • "Tell Me about Your Greatest Weakness: Social Comparisons Help People Downplay Their Negative Characteristics" (poster) and  Society for Personality and Social Psychologists Meeting, New Orleans, La., January 2013
  • "That's Not the 'Real Me': Self-protection Affects Construals of Immoral Behaviors" (poster), Society for Personality and Social Psychologists, San Diego, Calif., January 2012

Awards and honors

  • Best Paper Award in Management, Customer Relationships Management and Branding, National Mountain Plains Management Conference (2013)

Public commentary

  • "Sucker Rumination Scale," Psychology Today blog
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