Professor, psychology 


  • "Psychotherapy of Social Anxiety Disorder." Textbook of Anxiety Disorders by D. J. Stein, E. Hollander and  B. O. Rothbaum.  Washington, D.C.:  American Psychiatric Press Inc. (in press) (with K. Pontoski, R.G. Heimberg and M.E. Coles).

Journal articles

  • "Validity of the Negative Self-Portrayal Scale." Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences 23: 27-29 (2013) (with L. Boggs).
  • "Working with Clay Decreases Anxiety Among College Students," Modern Psychologist (in press) (with M. Linquist).
  • A Placebo-controlled Trial of Phenelzine, Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy and Their Combination for Social Anxiety Disorder." Archives of General Psychiatry 67(3): 286-95 (May 2010) (with C. Blanco, R.G. Heimberg, F.R. Schneier, D.M. Fresco, H. Chen, D. Vermes, B.A. Erwin, A.B. Schmidt, H.R. Juster, R. Campeas, M.R. Liebowitz).
  • "Efficacy of a Manualized and Workbook-driven Individual Treatment for Social Anxiety Disorder." Behavior Therapy 40(4): 414-24 (December 2009) (with D.R. Ledley, R.G. Heimberg, D.A. Hope, S.A. Hayes, T.I. Zaider, M. Van Dyke, C. Kraus and D.M. Fresco).
  • "Brooding and Pondering: Isolating the Active Ingredients of Depressive Rumination with Exploratory Factor Analysis and Structural Equation Modeling." Assessment 16: 315-327 (2009) (with M Armey, D.M. Fresco, M.T. Moore, D.S. Mennin, R.G. Heimberg, J. Spasojevic, L.B. Alloy).


  • Managing Social Anxiety: A Cognitive-behavioral Therapy Approach, 2nd ed. (therapist manual and client workbook), New York: Oxford University Press, 2010. (with D.A. Hope and R.G. Heimberg)

Encyclopedia entries

  • Anxiety and fear, Encyclopedia of Human Behavior, vol. 1, V.S. Ramachandran, ed., San Diego: Academic Press. (with D.W. McNeil, A. Vargovich, B.J. Ries).


  • "Anxiety Sensitivity as a Mediator Between Symptoms of Anxiety and Externalizing Behaviors in Anxious Children," poster presentation, Anxiety Disorders Association of America, Baltimore, Md., March 2010
  • "Recognizing the Major Anxiety Disorders," Continuing Education Lecture Series, Marian Clinic, Topeka, June 2009
  • "The Impact of Gender, Success and Planning of Humor on Public Speaking Apprehension," National Communication Association, San Diego, Calif., November 2008 (with S.E. Ubel, T.R. Routsong, J. Koesten and H.C. Liang)
  • "Emotion Dysregulation and Generalized Anxiety Disorder:  Reactions to Emotional Stimuli," poster, Association  for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, Orlando, Fla., November 2008 (with J.E. Houseman, D.P.F. Montague, V.S. Taylor and D.R. Marks)
  • "Graduate School Applications:  Insider Secrets," panel discussion, Nebraska Psychological Society and the Association for Psychological and Educational Research in Kansas, Bellevue, Neb., October 2008 (with P. MacDonald, S. Burns, F. Ferrarro, C. Garbin and M. Laver)
  • "Understanding Social Anxiety and Its Treatment," Marian Clinic Continuing Education Lecture Series, Topeka, July 2008

Awards and honors

  • A. Roy Myers Excellence in Research Award 2011

Offices and appointments

  • Kansas representative, Southwestern Psychological Association
  • Editorial board, Cognitive Therapy and Research
  • Editorial board, Journal of Experimental Psychopathology
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