What is a FERPA Confidentiality Statement?

This is an indicator that a person has chosen to have public information withheld from release without consent. In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, the University may release to the general public certain information about the student which has been identified by the institution as directory information. Directory information at Washburn University includes: student's name, photo, current address and phone number, permanent address and phone number, university assigned e-mail address, classification status (i.e. freshman, sophomore, etc.), major field of study, dates of attendance, honors and awards received, degrees and certificates received and dates awarded, enrollment level and status (full-time, half-time, less than half-time, undergraduate or graduate), most recent educational institution attended, participation in officially recognized activities and sports and height and weight of members of athletic teams. Often times, students with this hold have requested it so that estranged family members, former spouses/partners, etc. don’t know the student is attending the university.


If you should receive an inquiry about a student with the Confidentiality hold, the best response is “I am sorry, but I have no information”. If it is the student calling and they begin to insist that they are currently enrolled, or attended in term XXXXXX, the response should be “I am sorry, but I have no information. If you are indeed a current, or former student, could you have placed a confidentiality hold on your record at some point?” The student will generally recall doing so at one time. The student should be advised to contact the Student One-Stop at 785-670-2162 for assistance.


If you have questions about the Confidentiality hold, please contact the University Registrar’s Office @ registrar@washburn.edu or #1070.

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