Education Career Fair & Interviews

Education Career Fair & Interviews has been held each semester. For 2023-2024, the fall event will be on November 7 in person. No spring event has yet been scheduled - check back. It is a great way to start your job search. The fair portion of the day will be an excellent opportunity to network and find out about potential employers or student teaching sites. Interviews are for those graduating - these are real job interviews for real jobs.

Representatives from area school districts will be on-campus to conduct 30-minute employment interviews. This is the perfect opportunity to meet with several school districts during one day, saving you time and gas money! Learning about a variety of school districts will allow you to make an informed decision about where you want to begin your teaching career.

Candidates have the opportunity to conduct several interviews over the course of the day and they can be pre-scheduled through your Handshake account.  The fair portion of the day is an open meeting period in the morning for candidates and other education students to mingle with recruiters from all participating districts and potentially schedule day-of interviews.

Education Interview Day Preparation

Impress employers with your knowledge of the districts. Use your knowledge of the district in your responses to interview questions and to ask specific questions of the employer. Taking time to do your research will demonstrate your interest in the school district and the position.

What to look for:

  • Geographic location (urban, rural, suburban)
  • Public/private
  • Student demographics
  • Vision for the future
  • Current events


The art of interviewing needs to be practiced to be improved. Do not let your great teaching ability be hidden by poor interview skills. Schedule a mock interview (in-person or virtual) in your Handshake account.

Education Career Fair and Interviews is a professional networking event. First impressions of candidates are made within 10-20 seconds. Don’t let your appearance create a negative first impression before you even say hello.

Keep the following in mind when preparing for a professional interview:

  • Dress for the interview, not the job. Although the everyday work attire may be casual, dress professionally for the interview.
  • Dress conservatively.
  • Keep jewelry and perfume to a minimum.
  • You want to be remembered for your qualifications and great interview, not your outfit.

There are many aspects of a position/school district to consider before accepting an employment offer. It is acceptable to ask for additional time when considering an offer.

These are some items to consider:

  • Location           
  • Job duties           
  • Work environment            
  • Housing, cost of living, commute time          
  • Available technology
  • Professional development            
  • Salary/benefits            
  • Mentoring, new teacher support

Registration is FREE for all currently enrolled Washburn students.

Registration for Education Interview Day is through Handshake

Follow the steps below to complete your registration on Handshake:

    1. Complete your profile on Handshake
    2. Upload your resume (consider doing this first - some of the information on your resume will transfer to your profile)
    3. Sign up for interviews prior to the event

Steps 1 and 2 should be completed as soon as possible after beginning the student teaching semester.

All schedule changes, including cancellations, must be made one week prior to the event. No shows for interviews reflect poorly upon Washburn University. Please review our No-Show Policy below.

Keeping your campus interview appointment is essential for job search success. A "No-show" reflects poorly on your professionalism.

"No-show" is defined as:

  1. Failure to keep a scheduled interview
  2. A late cancellation (less than two full office days prior to the interview)
  3. Failure to accept or decline an interview when selected on a pre-select schedule

Upon the first no-show, an individual will have campus interviewing privileges deactivated and will be required to write a letter of explanation/apology to the recruiter/employer, supplying a copy to Career Engagement for approval. Privileges will be reactivated upon receipt.

A second no-show requires a letter as above and a meeting with the Director of Career Engagement. A third no-show results in exclusion from the campus interviewing program. Illness is excused but DOES REQUIRE a letter of explanation to the employer and to Career Engagement and prior notification is expected.

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