LinkedIn is a great resource for students and alumni looking for an additional edge as they network and job search. It's easy to sign up for an account, but new users often get stuck asking "what next"? Simply having an account isn't enough, so here are a few tips for students on getting started with LinkedIn.
Click on the quick video clip at left to learn how to launch your career with LinkedIn by getting your online identity established right. This is the first step to networking effectively in the digital age.

Groups are a great way to expand your network even further. Join alumni/WU related groups such as Washburn University Alumni. The Washburn University Alumni group has a "subgroup" of dedicated Alumni that have partnered with Washburn Career Engagement to provide additional opportunities to current students - don't miss out on making these connections!

Next, try seeking out a group related to your chosen industry. Some great examples you can search for are Public Relations and Communications Professionals, Sports Industry Network, and Consultants Network. Joining relevant groups will allow you to view and participate in discussions with industry professionals, as well as allow you to get closer to connecting to all of the members that are already a part of that group

The Answers tool is a great opportunity to get more exposure to potential recruiters and mentors from your field. Ask questions within your area of interest -- "What is one important skill to develop as a current student looking to break into the ____________ industry?" and "What are some of the up and coming issues in the ____________ field that a young professional should familiarize him/herself with?" are a couple examples. Additionally, recruiters often ask questions within the "Career and Education" section, looking for responses from current job/internship seekers. This is a great opportunity to provide information rather than just asking questions; particularly insightful answers may be chosen by the person posing the question as a 'best answer,' which shows up on your profile for potential recruiters to see!

Managing Your Online Persona

There are plenty of great ways to take advantage of LinkedIn, so get started now!

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