Win a new Kindle Fire, or a $20 or $50 WU Bookstore gift card!

If you are enrolled in a Washburn University online course (or any of those listed at the bottom of the page) this fall and complete the evaluation by the  deadlines you'll be eligible to win a new Kindle Fire, a $20 or $50 gift card!

Your input really does matter!

Effective teaching is a core value of WU, and student input is essential to continuous course improvement.  Faculty members appreciate your feedback, which is also reviewed by their respective department chairs and deans.  This new online system will provide your confidential feedback to your instructors within 48 hours after final grades have been submitted rather than weeks, thus allowing them to make appropriate changes to their courses much more quickly than in the past.  For example, as the result of the feedback received on the course evaluations, the School of Nursing changed some of its testing procedures.  

90% of Washburn University students prefer using the new online system.

Nearly 9 out of 10 WU students who completed the online course evaluations last year indicated that they preferred the new system over the old bubble sheets.

It only takes a few minutes to complete the surveys.

Each course survey only takes a few minutes (or less) to complete, and you can complete them whenever you like, 24/7, between April 13 and May 4.  You don't have to complete all of them at the same time to be eligible to win.

Complete all of you courses evaluations by April 27 and you'll be eligible to win one of five $20 WU Bookstore gift cards.

If you complete them by May 4 you could win a new Kindle Fire  or a $50 WU Bookstore gift card.

It's easy to access the online course surveys.

Just log into MyWashburn beginning on November 11, click on the MyCourses. tab, and then click on the link to your course evaluations.  All online courses, Intensive English, and the other courses listed 
below are included in the online evaluation surveys.

AL 121A – 10423                 AL 121AA-10603               

AN 324A-11257                    AS 101A-10005

CH 341A-10387                    CH 343A-10388                  

MA 116E-10540                     MA 381A-10763

MA 390ST-B-10885               MA 140C-10549                  

MA 140D-10550                    PS 262A-10494

PS 320A-10788                     PY 100A-11447                  

PY 395A-11402                     PY 305 A–11381

PY 387 A–11165                    PY 511 GA-12519              

SO 100A-10258

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