Property Management Checklist

  • Provide a master key to the Topeka Fire Department so they will have access to the facility in the event of a fire emergency or alarm. Providing a key will save time and further damage to your facility.
  • Consider changing access code(s) and/or lock cores to prevent unauthorized entrance - just be sure the fire department, House Corporation, and chapter advisor have the correct code(s) and key(s).
  • Set a move-out time by which everyone must vacate the property. At this time the house manager or designated officer/advisor should secure the building and follow the facility closure procedures.
  • Inform the Office of Student Activities and Greek Life and the Washburn Police Department of the dates you will be closing and re-opening the chapter house.
  • If members and/or students are living in the house during breaks (including the summer), appoint someone to be the contact person for the campus and local authorities. This person should be able to function in place of the House Manager.
  • Bring any patio furniture, outside appliances or possessions inside to guard against theft.
  • Some organizations move electronics, wall hangings, etc. to a local lockable storage area.
  • Secure all doors and windows.
  • Make sure doors and windows to individual rooms are locked and secure so that organization valuables are not easily visible through windows.
  • If the house will be empty for more than a few days, turn off the water supply to the building (NOTE: houses should not disable any central fire sprinkler systems). Drain the pipes after turning off water supply by opening a faucet in the basement or lowest level, and open another faucet on the top floor.
  • Do not turn off heat to the facility. Maintain at least a temperature between 58 to 60 degrees.
  • Make sure no electrical outlets are overloaded. Require residents to unplug all electronic equipment.
  • Remove all garbage prior to closing the facility. Many facilities provide larger dumpsters on move-out day to accommodate extra trash.
  • If an advisor or officer is nearby, make arrangements for them to check the house periodically during break periods. If no advisors/officers are nearby, consider hiring a property management service and/or let the local authorities know who to contact in case of an emergency.

Other Important Items to Consider

  • Appoint or hire a caretaker during break periods.
  • Set timers for exterior and interior lights.
  • Make provisions for lawn maintenance (mowing) during summer months.
  • Assign or hire someone to handle snow removal during winter break.

- Adapted from Pi Kappa Alpha and Phi Kappa Psi fraternities

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