Study the Past, Present, and Future of Kansas

The Washburn University Kansas Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary program promoting the study of the culture, history, economics, and natural environment of Kansas.

Minor Requirements

Student Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the Kansas Studies minor, students will be able to:

  • Describe the natural environment of Kansas and how humans have interacted with that environment
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the diversity of cultures, arts, and literature of Kansas
  • Critically analyze central processes and developments in Kansas history, economics, and politics

Study Plan:

To obtain the optional minor in Kansas Studies, a student must complete at least 15 hours of designated Kansas Studies course work, with at least 6 of those hours at the upper-division level. The minor will be supervised by the director(s) of the Center for Kansas Studies.

Courses which may be applied to the minor include:

  • AN 369     Kansas Archaeology
  • EN 138     Kansas Literature
  • GG 304     Geography of Kansas
  • GL 103     Historical Geology
  • HI 322      Kansas History
  • KS 199     Special Topics: Kansas Studies
  • KS 340     Kansas Studies
  • KS 395     Independent Study - Kansas Studies
  • KS 397     Internship in Kansas Studies
  • KS 399     Special Topics-Kansas Studies
  • PO 107     Kansas and the U.S., State and Local Government
  • PO 309     Kansas Legislative Experience
  • PO 307     Internship - State or Local Government

For more information, please contact the Co-Directors of the Center for Kansas Studies at or by phone:

Dr. Laura Murphy, phone: 785-670-2105

Dr. Danielle Head, phone: 785-670-1632


Photographic images courtesy of Carol Yoho.


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