iREAD Mission Statement

The Washburn iRead Program will, through the inclusion of students in a common reading experience, enrich and expand the minds of students, foster campus involvement and enhance the campus community.

iRead is a reading program to help …

  • Expand student's critical thinking, discussion and reading skills
  • Merge curricular and co-curricular components of college
  • Encourage interdisciplinary connections
  • Enhance participation in the intellectual life of campus
  • Introduce students to the expectations of higher education
  • Create partnerships across campus and in the community
  • Enhance the Washburn Transformational Experience

iRead has a common goal to …

  • Enhance the campus community
  • Uphold the university mission of "learning for a lifetime"
  • Advocate the goals of the Washburn Transformational Experience
  • Create a common experience for students
  • Foster involvement and inclusivity as early as possible
  • Enrich and expand the minds of students

Previous iREAD selections:

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