Business Study Abroad Deadlines

Start planning as soon as possible since to ensure you go to the location that fits you the best and make as much progress towards your degree as possible.

Submit an application to the Magellan Exchange – no later than 6 months before the beginning of the semester you are applying for. 

If you don't have a passport, apply for one as soon as you can. Processing can take as much as three months. The passport applications are available online; it can be processed at the Downtown or North Topeka Post Office. Call 785.295.9160 for more information. Make sure you have a passport that will remain valid for at least six months after the end of your term abroad. You should also check to see if you will need a student visa, which can depend on the location.

Submit a study abroad application at the International House. The priority deadline to qualify for scholarships for winter or spring is October 15.; for summer or fall it is March 1. This 18-page application is very comprehensive and includes the form for credit transfer pre-approval, the application for scholarships from Washburn's International Programs, health insurance coverage, medical release forms, etc.

If you are using study abroad to complete a Washburn Transformational Experience you will need to declare International Education WTE through the WTE website. The added benefit to doing this is that you will qualify for larger scholarships from the International Programs office.

Check to see if any departmental scholarships are available. For a School of Business study abroad scholarship, the application deadline for summer and fall is April 1; the spring deadline is December 1. You need to apply for a minimum of three scholarships from (1) Washburn International Programs Office (through the application listed in step three above), (2) the School of Business (or your department), and (3) the Magellan Exchange. Consider any other academic scholarships, such as those through the financial aid office, for which you meet the eligibility requirements.

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