Goal of the Mentoring Program

The First-Generation Mentoring Program will connect students who are among the first in their family to attend a four-year university with alumni and community members in the Topeka area who want to help current Washburn students succeed. The goal of the mentoring program is to provide the opportunity for first-generation students to broaden their academic and professional networks, and provide an opportunity for our alumni and community members to connect with Washburn University.

The program is about sharing information and knowledge with others. Each mentoring relationship is unique and must be based on mutual trust and respect. The relationship can be as structured as you desire. You decide how and when to communicate and what works best for your relationship.

First-year students who are first-generation are welcome to participate in the program.

Benefits to students and mentors


The First-Generation Mentoring Program exists to offer you guidance and foster a sense of community during your first year. Mentors are college graduates who want to share their experiences with you and help ease your transition to college life. As mentors, they will listen and offer you guidance during this exciting stage in your life! At the same time, mentors serve as role models and coaches, transferring and sharing their experience and knowledge with you.


The First-Generation Mentoring Program allows mentors an opportunity to develop their coaching and counseling skills and to develop a personal connection to young people in the Washburn community. Helping students find success early in their college lives can be an extremely rewarding and gratifying experience.

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