Project Proposal Process

Before purchasing any software or hardware:

  1. Engage ITS in your pre-purchase planning.
  2. Submit your project proposal here: ITS Project Page.
  3. Your proposal is sent via email to your supervisor and area head for review and approval.
  4. If approved, your proposal is sent to the CIO to develop a project scope.
  5. Once the project scope is completed your proposal will be submitted to Washburn Information Systems Advisory Council (WISAC) where they will score your proposal and recommend it to the Technology Steering Committee (TSC).
  6. The TSC will make the final decision on how the project is ranked.
  7. ITS will give you an estimated start date for the project.

** Note: All software or hardware contracts will need to reviewed by ITS Information Security prior to signing.

What is a project?

An ITS project is a one-time effort with a predetermined scope and goal that will be completed within a specific time period. All software and hardware purchases or any proposed ITS task that is expected to require more than 20 hours of work or two or more people to do the work is designated as a project. If you're unsure. it's best to complete a helpdesk ticket first; you'll be informed whether you need to go through the formal project request process.

Making the request

The project request submission process begins on the ITS Projects page. If you're new to the web-based project request process, download the short guide first, then click on the Submit Your Own Request link.

The prioritization process

The ITS project prioritization process is the framework we use for selecting the projects that best support Washburn University and current priorities, as well as provide the greatest value to the campus. Read more about project prioritization.



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