Any original work fixed in a tangible medium is protected by copyright. Web page creations are, therefore, automatically copyrighted and one should assume that any Web page visited on the Web is copyrighted.

When material is posted on the Web, it is being simultaneously copied, distributed, adapted, publicly performed and publicly displayed, all of which are the rights of the copyright owner. Before placing material on the Internet, one must ensure that the rights to digitize the material have been secured.

The information available here is to help Washburn University faculty and staff understand their rights and responsibilities, and to introduce some "netiquette" related to publishing materials on the Web.

Rules of Thumb 

  • All Web pages are copyrighted as a compilation work of text, images and design.
  • Link to sites instead of infringing on copyright by "borrowing" content.
  • If it's not an original work, seek permission before putting it online. (This includes materials found on the Web or scanned items.)

Take a Copyright Quiz!

In this quiz you will be asked a series of 8 True or False questions.

Copyright Quiz on the World Wide Web

Additional Resources 

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