The 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) outlines the actions that institutions can take to reduce copyright infringement liability. If faculty or staff engage in copyright infringement, the University can be protected against liability by taking certain actions outlined on Washburn's Digital Millennium Copyright Act site.

By providing this copyright site for faculty and staff, Washburn University hopes to inform faculty and staff of their rights and responsibilities under copyright law. Short "quizzes" will present common scenarios. Each section also offers rules of thumb, links to other internal and external copyright resources, and information about obtaining copyright clearance.

If you have any comments or suggestions for this site, please e-mail the Copyright Committee.

Improve Your Copyright Knowledge

Learn more about specific areas of copyright that pertain to you. Quizzes are provided to test your knowledge.

Or, if you prefer to visit all the quizzes at once, go to our Copyright Quizzes page.

Copyright Infringement (and how to avoid it) 

Penalties for Copyright Infringement

Permissions Web Site

Sample Letter

Washburn University Resources

Copyright Glossary

DMCA Information Page

Intellectual Property Rights Policy

World Wide Web Policy

Faculty Handbook:

Section 6, XIII: Copyrighted Materials in Classroom

Washburn University Library Libguide

 Basic copyright information for faculty

Student Disciplinary Code:

Proscribed Behavior (includes plagiarism)

Additional Resources

The following resources have been reviewed for quality information. Washburn University is not responsible for external links. All external links open in a new browser window.


US Copyright Office

Reproduction of Copyright Works by Educators and Librarians (.pdf file)


Copyright Web Site: Fair Use

Fair Use Guidelines for Educational Multimedia

Fair Use of Copyrighted Works (from

Stanford University Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines


Copyright Clearance Center

Instant Copyright Clearance


Center for Intellectual Property and Copyright in the Digital Environment 

Educause: DMCA information 

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