How to set up direct deposit

  • Students must log in to MyWashburn then go to the Financial Services tab (authorized users cannot set up direct deposit accounts)
  • Click on the WU-View button on the right side
  • In the right-hand column, under My Profile Setup, select the "Electronic Refunds" tab
  • If the system requests it, enroll in Two-Step Verification by adding the necessary security settings.  The preferred method to obtain the verification passcode is via text message to your mobile number. When done, return to the Electronic Refunds tab.
  • Click on "Set Up Account"
  • Under Account Type, choose Checking or Savings from the drop down list
  • Enter all required information for the bank account and your billing address (see "Some Cautions" below)
  • Include a name for the account, e.g., "My Checking". 
  • Read the terms and conditions, and review your personal information; print for your records
  • If the information is correct, check the "I Agree" box and click on "Continue" to complete the process
  • Your direct deposit refund account should now be listed, although it will take up to a week to validate before it can be used for direct deposits.
  • To edit the account, click on the gear icon to either update or remove the account. Changes made when editing the account may require another validation before the account can be used for direct deposit, a process that can take up to a week.

Some Cautions:

  • When entering banking information be certain to use the correct 9-digit routing number and your checking or savings account number. Most banks prefer you do not use hyphens or spaces when entering the account number.
  • Double-check all numbers to be certain they are accurate. Incorrect information will cause the deposit to be rejected.
  • DO NOT USE the account number shown on a debit card as your account number. Although your debit card is tied to a bank account, your bank uses a different number for direct deposits. Using the account number on a debit card will cause your deposit to be rejected.
  • If using a savings account for a direct deposit, please check with your bank for the appropriate account number.
  • Starting in March 2021, a direct deposit to a newly entered bank account will require ACH validation from the bank before funds can be sent there. This will delay the ability to use the account for the initial direct deposit by approximately a week. Keep this in mind when planning to set up a direct deposit account and set the account up early enough for the validation to process before the refund is generated. This change will not affect bank accounts set up for direct deposit prior to March 2021 or those accounts that have been validated.
  • The "refund" and "direct deposit" processes are run separately.  If your account shows a refund check was just generated but you know you have a validated direct deposit in WU-View, keep in mind that the direct deposit process is not run until around 3:30 each business day.  When that process is run, the refund check description will change to reflect the direct deposit was issued.
  • If your account shows a refund check was generated but the account was set up or not validated until after the direct deposit process was run, your refund will be issued in the form of a check when the check printing process is next performed (usually Tuesdays and Thursdays).
  • If a direct deposit is rejected, a check will be generated to replace the returned deposit only after the University’s bank has notified the Business Office that the deposit was rejected.
  • If a direct deposit is rejected, the Business Office will remove the direct deposit account from the student's profile in WU-View to prevent further rejections. After the direct deposit account is removed, a new direct deposit account may be set up in WU-View.
  • Student employees who have direct deposit set up for payroll must also set up direct deposit in WU-View in order to have any financial aid refunds issued as direct deposit.  

Using Your Washburn iCard for Direct Deposit Refunds:

  • Students receiving a financial aid refund can have it direct deposited into an account at any financial institution including a pre-existing account already belonging to the student.
  • Washburn University chose to partner with U.S. Bank to offer students the option to add banking functionality to the campus ID card. Students are not required to open an account with U.S. Bank in order to receive or use the campus ID card for other campus services or to receive disbursement of financial aid.
  • Students may use their existing checking or savings accounts for direct deposit refunds by following the steps above.
  • If you do not have an account to use for direct deposit refunds or if you do not wish to use your own checking or savings account, you can follow the steps below to apply for a checking account through U.S. Bank.
    • First visit the Ichabod Service Center in the Memorial Union to get an iCard or to upgrade to the new iCard that can also be used for as a debit card (it has two magnetic strips on the back).
    • Sign up for a U.S. Bank Student Checking account by going to Please read through the terms and conditions of the account you wish to open.  Once your checking account is opened, follow the steps above to set up direct deposit in WU-View and receive refunds on your iCard / U.S. Bank card.
    • When you receive direct deposit refunds on your iCard you can then use your iCard like a debit card for your U.S. Bank Student Checking account. A surcharge-free ATM machine is available on each campus for your convenience.
  • IMPORTANT: Students applying for a U.S. Bank Student Checking account will not receive direct deposit refunds any faster than students using their own checking or savings account for direct deposits.
  • IMPORTANT: Bod Bucks and/or meal plan options on your iCard are not part of the U.S. Bank Student Checking account and are accessible only at designated places on campus.
  • IMPORTANT: You may access the contract for the U.S. Bank Banking Services Agreement here.

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