Thank you, Acceptance and Withdrawal Letters

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Thank You Letter

This letter should be written following any interview or career fair contact. It should express your appreciation for the interview, mention a key point that was discussed during the interview, reiterate your continued interest in the possibility of employment, and that you desire a favorable response. If you forgot to mention something to the recruiter that could have a positive effect on the decision, add it to this letter. The thank you should be written and sent within 24 hours of the interview. You may do email immediately following the interview or fair, but it is recommended that you follow up with a handwritten or typed note.

This letter displays common courtesy, professional etiquette, and your ability to pay attention to details. The thank you letter reinforces your continued interest and brings your name across the employer's desk again. This letter should be laser printed on 8 1/2" x 11" bond paper (resume paper) using business letter format. A handwritten thank you is preferable, but it may be typed if your handwriting is often illegible.

Sending the thank you letter is more important than the format in which it is sent. Employers report that as few as 10% of their candidates complete this step. Those who do so have an advantage.

Thank-you letter samples on Pinterest from Sullivan University

Acceptance Letter

Always send a letter of acceptance following a verbal acceptance of a job offer. Your offer may not be binding until a formal contract has been signed. Please inform Career Engagement ( about your employment status. In your letter to the employer:

  • Refer to the offer letter outlining the terms of employment
  • Confirm your start date
  • Express your appreciation and pleasure at joining the organization
Sample Acceptance Letter
Sample Decline Letter

Job Application Withdrawal Letter

A withdrawal letter discontinues your application with an employer. Always send a withdrawal letter to an employer when you no longer want to be considered for the position for which you applied. In the future, you may want to contact this employer again for employment. Therefore, always be positive in withdrawing your application. This letter shows good job search etiquette, professionalism, and courtesy.

If appropriate, advise the employer that you have accepted another position or you are enrolling in graduate school. Express your appreciation for being considered.

Sample Application Withdrawal Letter from University of Houston
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