Washburn has resources and programs available to ensure the safety of students, faculty, staff and campus visitors.
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Safety Tips

  • Lock it up. Never leave your home unlocked or personal items unattended.
  • If you want someone to walk on campus with you, WUPD provides safety escorts on campus 24/7. 
  • Know your neighbors. Never let strangers into your residence without proper ID.
  • Put it in your phone! You can call or text WUPD at 785-670-1153.
  • Look up! Don't get so involved in your phone that you are unaware of your surroundings.
  • Plan the safest route. Know the locations of the emergency help "blue light" phones.
  • Sign up for iAlerts. Get a text or phone call if there's an emergency on campus.
  • Trust your gut. If something seems suspicious, call the police.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Don't take unnecessary risks with personal safety.
  • Play it safe. Obey campus rules and state laws about alcohol and drug use.

In addition to general safety tips for all people on campus, students living on campus may have additional concerns. For residential living safety and policies, view the handbook or contact Residential Living staff.

Buildings on campus have safe locations to be used in the case of severe weather, including severe thunderstorms and tornados.

Click here for a map of severe weather shelter locations.

  • Benton Hall – lower level corridor
  • Bradbury Thompson Alumni Center – basement corridor
  • Garvey Fine Arts Center – basement corridor
  • Henderson Learning Resource Center – basement corridors
  • KTWU Building – lower level corridors
  • Living Learning Center – lower level mechanical room
  • Mabee Library – lower level hallway & restrooms
  • Morgan Hall – basement corridor in west wing
  • Petro Allied Health Center – lower level corridor
  • Robert J. Dole Hall – room 152 (Appellate Courtroom)
  • Stoffer Science Hall – basement corridor
  • Student Recreation and Wellness Center – restrooms
  • Washburn Village - Commons Bldg, basement
Image of red 911 phone hanging on wallRed Emergency (911) Phones have been installed in the severe weather shelter areas of campus buildings. When you lift the handset it will automatically dial 911 and reach Shawnee County Emergency Communications. The phones should only be used for reporting emergencies such as health or personal safety issues. Please note this is not a house phone or local access phone. 

University Police will be able to call the phones to announce to occupants of the area when a tornado warning has been lifted and it is safe to exit the severe weather shelters.

The help phones are a direct link to the Washburn University Police Department Communications Center.  The help phones are attached to stainless steel poles that are marked with red reflective lettering stating “Emergency” and a blue light.

To activate the emergency phone push the red call button.  The blue emergency light and a white strobe light will activate.  The Washburn communications specialist will answer the call and get assistance started toward the emergency.

The emergency phones should be used to get immediate assistance in an emergency.  They may also be used for assistance of any kind when access to buildings is limited.

Help phones are located at the following locations (click here for map):

  • Northeast of Morgan Hall by K-zone parking lot
  • East of Petro Center by the SE entrance
  • South of Stoffer at the west end of the parking lot
  • West of KTWU
  • Southwest of the Garvey Fine Arts Center
  • North of the Law School
  • Northeast of Mabee Library
  • Northwest of Benton Hall
  • Northeast corner of 19th & Jewell by Henderson
  • North of 21st & Jewell, South entrance to Washburn Village
  • South of Student Recreation and Wellness Center
  • Southwest of Kuehne Hall

The Washburn University Police Department (WUPD) is a certified law enforcement agency with the same responsibilities and authority as a city police agency or a sheriffs department.

Learn more about WUPD.

Washburn Counseling Center

  • Washburn University is dedicated to providing support for the mental health and well-being of out campus community. Counseling services are available to all Washburn students.
  • 785-670-3100 (available 24/7)

Washburn Student Health Services

  • All Washburn University students are eligible to visit Student Health Services free-of-charge with a valid WU ID.
  • 785-670-1470

Washburn Campus Advocate

  • The Washburn University Campus Advocate offers confidential victim advocacy and case management to students, faculty, and staff in the Washburn community. You do not need to be the victim of a crime to receive case management services from the Campus Advocate.
  • 785-670-3100

GET IN TOUCH WITH Safety Planning

Safety Planning & Emergency Management
Memorial Union, Upper Level
1700 SW College Ave.
Topeka, KS 66621

Phone & Email
Phone : 785.670.1779
Email : safety@washburn.edu

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