NSO Issuance of iCards:

Due to the safer-at-home order issued on March 24, New Student Orientations have moved to an online platform and therefore we are accepting iCard pictures be sent online. The following are guidelines to follow to send in your iCard picture as well as proof of identity.

Guidelines for photo and verification

Issuance of new and replacement department badges (Nursing, Radiation,etc.):

Due to the safer-at-home order issued on March 24, we will be accepting online photo submissions for department badges (Nursing, Radiation Therapy, etc.). The following will take you to a pdf of the guidelines for submitting your photo for a Radiation Therapy badge.

 Guidelines for Radiation Therapy Badge

You MUST be on the list provided by your department to receive a badge. You may email us at icard@washburn.edu to check if your name has been added, if not please contact your department with any questions or possible changes. We do charge a $5 fee on all new and replacement badges. You may pay that fee at the link below:

$5 Badge Fee

(This fee is for School of Nursing and Radiation Therapy badges ONLY.)


Issuance of all new and replacement iCards require:

  • Valid government photo identification (i.e. Driver's License, Passport, Military ID)
  • Students/Faculty/Staff must all take a photo for their iCard. The following are guidelines they MUST adhere to in order for the office to take their photo:
    • The image will display the top of the head to the top of the shoulders.
    • No item or attire should cover or otherwise obscure hairline, any part of the face, or cast a shadow on the face.
    • All hats or headgear should be removed for the photo EXCEPT hats or head coverings worn for religious purposes. Any religious headwear must be depicted on the government issued ID to be permitted on the iCard.
    • The individual may be asked to remove any dark glasses or transitions glasses if the lenses appear too dark in the camera/photo.
    • Photos must be of the individual ONLY.
    • Washburn identification photos are used for a variety of campus software platforms including D2L and MyWashburn.

Students, Faculty, and Staff are issued their initial iCard free of charge. Employees who are taking classes do not receive a student privilege card. Replacement cards may be paid for with cash, check, credit card or the Bod Bucks account.

Replacement Cards are $10.00 each when you stop by the office to pick one up. Out of town but need a replacement ID? You may request one at icard@washburn.edu.  However, we WILL charge an extra $2 processing and mailing fee making the price of your replacement ID $12.00 each. You can pay the fee below.

$12 Replacement ID Card and Processing/Mailing Fee:


Washburn has partnered with U.S. Bank to offer an ATM/Debit account using your Washburn iCard.  Students, faculty and staff will have the option to open an account with U.S. Bank. To activate your account; go to the iCard Office and get your new Washburn iCard. Then take your Washburn iCard to any of the local U.S. Bank locations.  The closest locations to campus are:

  • 719 S. Kansas Ave.
  • 1017 SW Gage Ave.
  • 434 SW Jackson St. 

U.S. Bank will open your account for you.

The new Washburn iCard will have two magnetic stripes on the back of the card. The bottom stripe, with the blue lines, is used for campus services such as:

  • door access
  • add value and make purchases with your Bod Bucks account
  • access the Student Recreational and Wellness Center
  • Student Health Services
  • Mabee Library and the Law Library.  

The top stripe is used for conducting U.S. Bank transactions.

Questions or comments about this site may be directed to Gayla Sarkesian

Cómo obtener su iCard

La emisión de todas las iCards nuevas y de reemplazo requiere:

  • Identificación válida con fotografía del gobierno (es decir, licencia de conducir, pasaporte, identificación militar)

Los estudiantes, la facultad y el personal reciben su iCard inicial de forma gratuita. Las tarjetas de reemplazo cuestan $10.00 cada una. Los empleados que toman clases no reciben una tarjeta de privilegio del estudiante. Las tarjetas de reemplazo se pueden pagar con efectivo, cheque, tarjeta de crédito o la cuenta de Bod Bucks.

Washburn se asoció con US Bank para ofrecer una cuenta de cajero automático / débito utilizando su Washburn iCard. Los estudiantes, la facultad y el personal tendrán la opción de abrir una cuenta en US Bank. Para activar tu cuenta; vaya a la Oficina iCard y obtenga su nueva Washburn iCard . Luego lleve su Washburn iCard a cualquiera de las ubicaciones locales de US Bank. Los lugares más cercanos al campus son:

  • 719 S. Kansas Ave.
  • 1017 SW Gage Ave.
  • 434 SW Jackson St.

US Bank abrirá su cuenta por usted.

La nueva iCard de Washburn tendrá dos bandas magnéticas en la parte posterior de la tarjeta. La franja inferior, con las líneas azules, se usa para servicios del campus tales como:

  • acceso a la puerta para agregar valor y realizar
  • compras con su cuenta Bod Bucks
  • acceso al Centro de recreación y bienestar del estudiante
  • Servicios de salud estudiantil
  • Mabee Library y Law Library.

 La franja superior se usa para realizar transacciones de US Bank.

 Las preguntas o comentarios sobre este sitio pueden dirigirse a Gayla Sarkesian

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