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We need your help to ensure law requirements are met in your classroom for students with accommodations to have equal access to their education. In this section, you’ll find resources available to you to ensure that students with accommodations are able to be successful in their Washburn journey.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding how to best accommodate a student with a disability, please reach out to us at 785.670.1622 or

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Accommodate Faculty Portal

Accommodate is a tool that Washburn utilizes to manage accommodation requests and implementation. Faculty and students each have their individual portals in order to manage their accommodations within the classroom.

The faculty portal includes access to the following:

  • View accommodation letters
  • View students with accommodations enrolled in your individual courses
  • Upload and receive exams/quizzes in a secure area
  • Review resources for accommodations

All examinations and testing authorization information should be uploaded and answered in the faculty portal under course>exams to ensure the security of the examination. Please view the instructions or video for detailed steps for submitting examinations. For departments that utilize scantrons, delivery of scantrons from SASO will still be available.

Note: With the implementation of Accommodate, testing authorizations forms will no longer be utilized for distraction reduced testing.

Testing Authorization information will be documented within the Faculty portal of Accommodate when submitting an exam.
  • If a student arrives late for the exam, the student will only be given the allotted extended time as indicated on the exam (time does not get extended due to tardiness).
  • Backpacks, cell phones, smart watches, coats, purses or any unauthorized academic aids are not permitted in the testing room. We have a designated area to place these items prior to entering the testing room.
  • Test readers will not explain, clarify or express opinions concerning materials on the test.
  • An exam will be discontinued if student becomes ill, engages in inappropriate behavior or is found to be cheating.
  • If a student misses an exam, the student will need to contact their instructor within 24 hours and ask the instructor on next steps to reschedule their exams. Once decided, student will need to contact the SASO in order to reschedule.
  • Students must contact the Office of Student Accessibility Services 24 hours prior to a scheduled exam if the student decides to take the exam in class, will miss the exam or if an exam has been cancelled or rescheduled. Students can utilize their Student portal in Accommodate to cancel an examination, but must communicate the reason with the SASO. 
  • All students must adhere to the Student Code of Conduct.

Flex Plan: Flexibility with Attendance and Assignment Deadlines Plan

Faculty have the right to establish attendance and late work policies. However, if a student has a disability that is chronic or episodic in nature it may occasionally impact their ability to attend class and complete tests or assignments at the scheduled time.  

Therefore, flexibility in attendance, assignment due dates and exam scheduling may be considered an appropriate accommodation. The number of allowable absences and length of assignment extensions depends on the interactive and participatory nature of the course, or is based on department, college, or accrediting agency rules.  

The Flex Plan addresses attendance and assignment related issues for students with disabilities. The Flex Plan is intended to create a reasonable modification, where appropriate, to the classroom attendance and assignment deadlines policies of each course and is not intended to serve as an attendance or assignment submission waiver. Students are expected and encouraged to attend class and meet deadlines for assignments and tests.

If you are receiving a notice that a student receives accommodations for flexibility with attendance or due dates, you are required to meet with these students to have the interactive process in developing their flex plan for your specific course. 

If you have any questions while developing a Flex Plan please contact our office at 785.670.1622 or email

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