Clinical Education

Clinical education for physical therapist assistant students includes a total of 17 weeks of clinical experiences during the two year program.  The first rotation occurs during the summer semester and the last two rotations occur during the final spring semester of the Physical Therapist Assistant program. During the first rotation, clinical education consists of a 5 week, full time affiliation with the student providing limited patient care under direct supervision by their clinical instructor. The final two clinical rotations continue to develop the student’s clinical skills during each six week clinical affiliation.  The clinical affiliations are designed to reinforce classroom knowledge and provide practice in learning to treat real disabilities, as well as to gain insight into the varied roles of the physical therapist assistant. The students are responsible for maintaining other academic course work as well. 

Each student will participate in 3 Clinical Affiliations:

  • One 5 week 40/hr per week rotation during summer semester.
  • Two 6 week 40/hr per week rotation during spring semester of the second year following successful completion of all previous coursework.
    • Affiliations may include placement outside of Topeka, KS
    • The student must have reliable transportation and will be responsible for all costs incurred during travel to and from the Clinical Site, i.e. gas, lodging, meals etc.
    • Clinicals may be held over Spring Break during the spring semester of the second year. Students will not have that time off.

Please see the PTA clinical handbook for complete information regarding clinical education.


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