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With student officers and an advisor on faculty, the CJA was created in 1987 and has grown into a successful organization offering many activities and functions.

The mission?  To provide students with experiences that enhance their field of interest and training in law enforcement, corrections, security administration, and legal studies. 

The organization supports and emphasizes the importance of getting into a successful career!

Open to all majors/minors. In addition to participating in campus activities, the CJA also sponsors a wide variety of criminal justice specific panel discussions, guest speakers, facility tours, and more!

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2020-2021 Executive Officers

President: Emma Morrissey (

Vice-President: Luzianne Stafford (

Secretary: Sammie Starkey (

Treasurer: Elizabeth Pendergrass (

Historian: Ashley Larison (

Committee Chairs:

Fall 2020 Meeting Dates and Times:

Fall meetings will be held on Zoom. (Zoom meeting links are sent out by e-mail.)

General meetings (followed by officer meetings):
  • September 8th @ 3:30pm (via Zoom)
  • October 8th @ 3:30pm (via Zoom)
  • November 5th @ 3:30pm (via Zoom)
  • December 3rd @ 3:30pm (via Zoom)

Fall 2020 Events and Activities:

  • September 2nd - Bowtie event
  • September 6th - Deadline for t-shirt design contest
  • September 2nd - Zoom presentation at 3:30pm by Dr. Joshua Smith, Assistant Professor of Forensic Biology at Washburn
    • Topic: "DNA Forensics and Forensic Entymology"
  • October (coming soon!)
  • November (coming soon!)
  • December (coming soon!)

For membership, please visit BodsConnect and search for the Criminal Justice Association:

For more information, please contact President Emma Morrissey at: or Vice President Luzianne Stafford at:

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-Twitter: @washburncja

-Instagram: @wucriminaljusticeassociation

-Facebook: "Criminal Justice Association Washburn University"

The goals of Alpha Phi Sigma? 

To honor and promote academic excellence, community service, and educational leadership!  Join today and get recognized for your academic efforts!  

Alpha Phi Sigma is the only Criminal Justice Honor Society which is a certified member of the Association of College Honor Societies and affiliated with the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. 

Open to undergraduate, and graduate students of Criminal Justice, as well as Juris Doctorate students with a minimum GPA of 3.2.

Alpha Phi Sigma National Honor Society



*Email Dr. Patricia Dahl for more information regarding the Criminal Justice Association or Alpha Phi Sigma.

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