3+2 MAcc Program

The integrated 3+2 MAcc program is designed for students currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Accounting at Washburn. Students with a declared major in Accounting may apply and be accepted to the program during their junior year at Washburn. After completion of 90 credit hours, achieving senior status, students may begin taking graduate courses in the MAcc program of study along with their final 30 hours of undergraduate coursework. Upon completion of the specified MAcc requirements and the requirements for an undergraduate degree in Accounting, the Master of Accountancy degree and the Bachelor of Business Administration degree can be granted simultaneously.

The integrated 3+2 MAcc program is open to qualified undergraduate students at Washburn as well as to qualified undergraduates who transfer to Washburn from other colleges and universities.

Students should apply in the semester in which they will complete the following junior-level accounting coursework: 

  • AC 321 Intermediate Accounting I
  • AC322 Intermediate Accounting II
  • AC 325 Cost Accounting
  • AC 330 Accounting Information Systems

3+2 Program Admission

Admission Requirements Include:

  • Admission to the Washburn School of Business with a declared Accounting concentration
  • Senior standing in the semester beginning the 3+2 MAcc program
  • 2.8 GPA in the set of six sophomore- and junior-level Accounting courses (AC224, AC225, AC321, AC322, AC325, and AC330)
  • 3.0 overall undergraduate grade point average

How To Apply to the 3+2 Program:

  • Submit a completed Application to Graduate Study in Accountancy
  • 3+2 MAcc program applicants are not required to take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GRE) or other standardized test.
  • 3+2 MAcc program applicants are not required to pay an application fee. Contact the Master of Accountancy Program Director for information on waiver of the application fee, if necessary.

Successful Completion of the 3+2 MAcc Program

See the recommended Program of Study to plan your coursework in the 3+2 Program.

Students admitted to the 3+2 MAcc Program must maintain a cumulative Washburn grade point average of 3.0 or higher for coursework completed subsequent to admission to be considered in good standing in the program. If a student's cumulative grade point average subsequent to admission falls below the 3.0 minimum, the student is placed on probation and given one semester to return to good standing. in unusual cases, the MAcc Program Director may grant one additional probationary semester. A student who fails to return to good standing is subject to dismissal from the program.  Students may petition for exceptions to this policy in unusual cases.  

For more information:
Dr. Barbara Scofield, Director of MAcc Program

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