Advising Tips and Hints for Business Students

Advisors are available to serve as a coach in completing your degree requirements. We can offer strategies for success, suggest resources that can help you, talk about Plan B if Plan A doesn't match your expectations and cheer you on to the finish line. 

We will not tell you which courses to select each semester. We expect you to take the time to find out what interests you, enroll in courses needed for your major and potential career, keep an eye on prerequisites and to notify us if you are having problems and need help.  

Degree Audits are available on MyWashburn to help you track how you are progressing. If you are ever in doubt of your requirements, then you are in need of an advisor and should set up a meeting with one.

If you haven’t been admitted to the School of Business yet, visit with an advisor located in the School of Business office, HC114.  Give our office a call at 785.670.1308 or stop by to set up a time.  During these initial visits, we focus heavily on the requirements of the program so that you will have a clear understanding of what is needed to complete the degree.  We also focus on the information that may be found on MyWashburn.  If you ever want to know about processes within the university, this is the time to ask.

Already admitted? You will visit with a member of our faculty. From that point forward, it is important to focus on ways that you can enhance your degree beyond what is required in the classroom.  Be sure to visit with your faculty advisor about ways to build your résumé for graduation and any additional career information that they can give you.

As advisors, we always appreciate a student who is prepared, which means they arrive on time, they reschedule or call if they are running late, they bring a recent copy of their degree audit, are prepared with a list of questions and during enrollment have an idea of the classes they need to be taking.  During enrollment, we would appreciate the students bringing an enrollment form (available in HC114).

The School of Business has one full-time professional advisor, Amber Ybarra, who helps students new to the School of Business. In addition to her, every member of the School of Business faculty is an advisor. The best practice for students who are further along in their business studies is to select an advisor within their major field of study and retain the same advisor until graduation to minimize any possible advising errors. With that idea in mind, we match students with faculty advisors based on the student's major and faculty availability. Limited changes to that matching are possible by student request.

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