Your catalog year is determined by the very first semester that you complete at Washburn University. Catalogs are written on an academic school year rather than a calendar year. For example, a student who started classes and completed the fall 2011, spring 2012 or summer 2012 semester would be able to use the 2011-12 catalog. These same students may also select any catalog that comes in to effect after their first semester at Washburn such as the 2013-2014 or the 2014-2015 catalog. Visit with your advisor to determine which catalog is best for you.

A catalog expires after six full academic years. At this time a student must choose another catalog year in which they will complete their degree requirements. Catalogs expire at the completion of the summer term. For example, the 2012-2013 catalog will expire the summer of 2019.

Admission to the School of Business is not to be confused with Declaring a Major in Business. Admission is granted to students who have successfully completed all six of our lower division core requirements, completed MA141, have completed 54 hours and have maintained a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0. It is important for students to complete their admission because all students, declared in business or not, are limited to a total of 30 hours of course credit in accounting and business courses before admission to the School of Business. 

Students with more than 54 hours of credit who have not been admitted to the School of Business are considered behind in their progress toward a BBA degree. In addition, for a timely graduation, you should complete all of the correlate requirements before or very soon after admission to the School of Business.

If you have attempted the course at Washburn, received a low grade and now want to retake the course at another university or community college, you must receive permission. You may complete and file a transient permission form.

Transfer students need to visit with an advisor in the School of Business office. An advisor will be able to help determine which courses may be successfully petitioned to meet degree requirements. For general education credit, the courses must be petitioned by the student using the General Education Transfer Petition form. Once completed, you will need to submit the form to an advisor within the School of Business. The completed form will then be sent to the Vice President of Academic Affairs  for formal review by the University General Education Committee. Petitions must be submitted before the semester deadline of September 15th for the fall semester and February 15th for the spring semester. Students will be notified of their petition's acceptance or rejection by the first day of Advance Registration of the semester submitted. Petitions should be completed as soon as possible but no later than two semesters after transferring to Washburn University.

To petition courses toward specific School of Business requirements, which include our correlate, core and major-specific requirements, students will need to consult with the Associate Dean of the School of Business.

Current students will need to visit with an advisor every semester in order to receive a new Personal Identification Number for enrollment. A PIN will not be given until course selections have been made. If you need help selecting courses, your advisor will assist you in making the appropriate choices. Prior to your appointment you should process a degree audit. If your audit is confusing or if you believe it is incorrect it should be brought to the advisor's attention for correction or explanation.

New students also will need to visit with an advisor in order to obtain a PIN for enrollment. However, this can be done only after students have been formally admitted to Washburn University and have been given their WIN (Washburn Identification Number). Prior to the fall semester, the admissions office hosts several Blue Print days, which are the earliest opportunity for new students to enroll. We highly encourage all new students to sign up for a Blue Print session.

Returning students must be re-admitted to Washburn University before being able to obtain their PIN from an advisor. Even if you were only gone for one semester you will need to reapply. You will not have to pay the application fee again. Those students will need to re-declare their major in business.

Degree Audits are available through the Student tab on MyWashburn. From the Self-Service Menu on the right, select "Process a Degree Audit". If the correct major is displayed, select "Generate Degree Audit". If not, select "Explore other major/degree program." Follow the directions on the screen for both options, please be sure to select "Detail Requirements" as this will show you each requirement. If you believe there is an error on your audit or if you have questions, contact your advisor today.

Audits are an unofficial check of the requirements you have completed or are in progress and the requirements you have remaining. While unofficial, they should be an accurate reflection of your progress in meeting degree requirements. If you do not understand your audit or a mistake is made on your audit, it could possibly affect your graduation date. For this reason it is recommended that students check their audit every semester.

It is important to note the error that you received. The most common errors received that your advisor could possibly override would be the prerequisite/test score error or a class/major restriction error. Prerequisite/test score errors are caused by your transcript not listing the appropriate prerequisite courses as successfully completed. All prerequisite courses must be passed with a C or better. While it is possible to receive a prerequisite/class override typically these are granted only to students who have completed the prerequisites but the necessary course(s) or required number of hours has not been posted to their transcript.

The School of Business also offers a few upper-division business courses online. Typically, there are two sections offered online, section VA and section VP. Section VP is restricted to students participating in the 2+2 PLAN program and on-campus students are not eligible to enroll in these sections. Students who try to enroll will receive a class/major restriction error.

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