Prerequisite Courses

The School of Nursing requires that prerequisite courses, marked with asterisks below, be completed with a grade of C or better.  Please be aware that some general education courses are prerequisites to other courses.  Specifically MA 112 Contemporary College Math or MA 116 College Algebra, require a grade of C or better in order to enroll in MA 140 Statistics of CH 121 General Chemistry.

Prerequisite Courses Credit Hours
Humanities Electives 6
Humanities 3
Introduction to Psychology * 3
Social Science Electives 6
Biology with Lab * 4-5
Anatomy with Lab * 4
Physiology with Lab * 4
General Chemistry with Lab * 4-5
Microbiology with Lab * 4
Nutrition *
3 (LPN credit)
Statistics * 3
Unrestricted electives 2-6
University Requirements  
First Year Writing 3
Advanced College Writing 3
Washburn/College Experience 3
College Algebra 3
Qualified LPN students will receive credit for the following courses:
Nutrition 3
NU-311 Fundamentals of Nursing Practice/Practicum 6
NU-386 Nursing of Older Adults/Practicum 6
*Course descriptions available in the University Catalog

COVID-19 Spring 2020 Update Regarding Prerequisite Courses

Please note that if you feel the need to change one of your prerequisite courses to A/Pass/Fail, we understand; you will just have to complete the courses again for a letter grade in another semester.  How or if that changes your timeline for your application to the nursing program is different for each student.  Also please note for those enrolled in prerequisite courses at Washburn the deadline for changing to this option is no later than 5 p.m. on May 22, 2020 (after final grades are posted).  

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