Honors Program admission requirements

Students of all majors and at any point of their academic journey are encouraged to apply to the University Honors Program. Although proven academic performance is important, your interest and motivation in the program is also highly considered.

An honors student pays attention in class.

How to apply

There is a single application form for both enrollment in the Honors Program and for Honors Program scholarships. The application asks basic information about previous academic experiences.

We also require students to submit:

  • a resume and
  • a written essay (approximately 500 words) or a video (approximately 3-5 minutes) answering the following question: Please reflect on a specific personal experience that has significantly influenced your intellectual or creative development. How has this experience shaped your academic journey and interests, and how do you envision it impacting your contributions to our honors program community?


Henderson Room 110
1700 SW College Ave.
Topeka, KS 66621

Phone: 785.670.2062
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