Considering the Washburn University Honors Program? Give us an opportunity to tell you more.  We are always happy to welcome visitors to the Honors community, and we invite students to apply to the program at any stage in their university career.  If you are a new student to Washburn, or if you are a current Washburn student seeking the opportunities that Honors provides, please let us know you are interested by emailing or calling 785-670-1342.

Incoming Freshmen: We are currently accepting Honors Program Applications (see links below) for Fall 2023. If you are interested in applying, complete the application form and submit electronically as an email attachment to , or print and submit a hard-copy application addressed as follows:

Washburn University
Honors Program
1700 SW College Ave.
Topeka, KS 66621

Applicants may be eligible for Brunt Scholarships. The Washburn University Honors Program awards six $500 Brunt scholarships, renewable for up to four years, to selected students coming direct from high school. Apply early by submitting your Honors Program Application (referenced above) to secure one of these scholarships. The priority deadline for Brunt scholarships is January 17, 2023.

Current/Transfer Students: We are now accepting Honors Program applications for Fall 2023. Please submit application materials as an attachment via email to If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Honors Program office at (785) 670-1342.

Applicants who are transfer students may be eligible for Transfer scholarships of $500.  The priority deadline for Fall 2023 is March 15, 2023.  We will continue to accept applications after this date until two weeks before the beginning of the semester.



Incoming or First Time Freshman

Interested applicants that are incoming or first time freshman should satisfy one of these requirements.

  • Minimum cumulative high school GPA of 3.5 
  • Minimum ACT score of 28 (or SAT score of 1300)


Current/Transfer students

  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5


Students who do not meet these criteria may be admitted to the program, pending review by the Honors Advisory Board.

The Honors Program Application is available as a Word document or a PDF.

Day-to-Day Benefits

The Washburn University Honors Program aims to provide the best academic experience for our students who are choosing to go above and beyond in their college experience. With this in mind, the Honors Program provides Honors students with unique benefits to assist the students in their academic excellence. These include:

  • Scholarship opportunities
    • Incoming freshman: The Program awards 5 Brunt Scholarships (renewable up to 4 years).  These are $500 scholarships awarded on a competitive basis.
    • Annual scholarships to outstanding current students
  • Priority registration for classes, meaning that Honors freshman get first enrollment choice in classes alongside traditional seniors
  • Exclusive access to Honors Study Lounge in Henderson 101, which hosts free printing and a comfortable study environment
  • Extended library checkout privileges
  • Honors advising
  • Academically enriched experiences, such as guest speakers, academic trips in the field, and more.
  • Honors courses that count toward general education requirements
  • Networking and connections with Faculty
  • Honors living in the Living and Learning Center (recently updated home of of the new eSports lounge)
  • Special Programming
    • Study Abroad
    • Honors Student Council
    • Activities created by students

In addition to these day-to-day benefits, the Honors Program also provides the opportunity to be recognized both at Graduation and on student transcripts. The Honors Program recently changed its policy on graduation recognition, directly in conjunction with input from students in the Program. There are three levels of curricular recognition and three levels of distinction based on involvement and service both in the Honors Program and in the community.


Honors Associate - 12 Hours of Honors Credit

Honors Scholar - 18 Hours of Honors Credit

Honors Graduate - 24 Hours of Honors Credit

* All Honors students must complete an Honors Thesis Project or similar scholarly project (e.g., scholarly/creative WTE, or capstone project within major), regardless of tier.


Honors students can graduate with Distinction or High Distinction based on the completion of an optional portfolio reflecting upon their intellectual development over the course of their career in Honors.

* Each curricular tier can be combined with any level of distinction.

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