'Challenge' or 'Quiz Out' for Credit

When a student identifies a course which he or she feels qualified to “challenge” or “quiz-out of,” the student should contact the chair of the department offering that course to determine whether a department examination could be accepted. If the academic department gives approval for the student to quiz out of a specific course, the student obtains a Credit by Examination registration form in the Student One Stop, MO 101A. The University Registrar’s Office determines that the student is either currently enrolled or a former student who is not currently enrolled in the challenged class and is free of all holds. The student completes the credit by examination registration form and obtains signatures as required on the form. The student must finalize this process by taking the credit by exam registration form to the Business Office where he or she pays the standard testing fee for the exam. After payment is made, the student returns the top copy of the form to the University Registrar’s Office. The student takes his/her copy which has been marked "paid" to the department at the scheduled time of the examination. Under no circumstances will the examination be administered prior to payment. No refunds will be given for exams not taken or not passed.


After the student has taken the exam, the department evaluates it and determines whether or not the student receives credit. If the department determines that credit is to be awarded, credit for the course is posted to the transcript. If the department determines based on the exam that credit should not be awarded, no entry is made to the transcript. If the course is taken to fulfill requirements in a major, a letter grade for the course may be determined by the department and posted on the transcript. The exam may not be repeated; a student may not take a department exam for any course more than once. Credit by department examination may not be used to repeat courses previously taken by the student.

Credit given by department examination is considered residential credit.

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