Teaching Consultations

The teaching consultation program at Washburn University is designed to help faculty gain insight into their own teaching. This might be used for third year review, tenure, and/or promotion materials in order to provide a more well-rounded view of teaching. Upon completing a consultation, a letter will be sent to your Dean and/or Chair. This letter will state that the consultation occurred and the date it was completed. A second letter will be sent directly to the participant with a report of what was observed. This letter is meant to be informative.

Key points:

  • Informative not evaluative
  • Initiated by the individual faculty member only.
  • Can provide feedback on classroom strategies (innovative or well-practiced).

Sign up to participate in one of the following tiers

There are four tiers of consultation services. You do not have to complete the tiers in order unless otherwise noted. These include:

TIER 1: Traditional Observation with Interaction Mapping

Requires: Pre- and Post-Observation Meetings

CTEL Badges: 3

A person qualified through Tier 4 training will observe your class. Interaction mapping can help show where you spend time, who is asking/answering questions, and what is happening in your classroom. You work with your Tier 4 Consultant to determine your goals. Following your post-observation meeting, you will receive an informative letter stating that you were observed for use as you see fit.

TIER 2: Flipped Observation

Requires: Pre- and Post-Observation Meetings

CTEL Badges: 3

This is an opportunity for someone to observe another’s teaching. We set up the opportunity based on your interests: active learning, team-based learning, small group discussion, active lecture, etc.

TIER 3: Peer-to-Peer (-to Peer)

Requires: Pre-Meeting, Multiple observations, mid-meeting, and report

CTEL Badges: 7

Here you can meet other individuals interested in teaching. CTEL facilitators will match up groups of three at the beginning of the semester. Throughout the term, participants will observe classes one to two times per person and meet to discuss their observations. Following all of the observations, you, solo or as a group, create a short report where you discuss the experience. This needs to be completed prior to Success Week.

TIER 4: Become a Consultant

Requires: Second Completion of Tiers 1 and 2 with training as goal, Permission of CTEL Director

CTEL Badges: 3

Upon completion of training, Tier 4 participants are placed on a list for use when determining consultants for Tiers 1 and 2. At the end of the semester, if you have been a consultant, you will receive a letter for your portfolio.

Course Planning & Design

  • Constructing a syllabus
  • Creating an inviting, inclusive classroom
  • Writing learning objectives

Effective Teaching Methods

  • Active learning strategies
  • Collaborative learning techniques
  • Planning successful first and last days
  • Teaching on-line and hybrid courses
  • Incorporating new technology into the classroom

Assessment of Student Learning

  • Classroom assessment techniques
  • Writing effective test questions
  • Giving effective feedback to students
  • Mid-semester interviews with students

Documenting Teaching and Other Professional Activities

  • Interpreting end of the semester evaluations
  • Classroom observations


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