If you need to add a new authentication device/phone, manage your existing devices, change your phone number, or re-activate Duo Mobile, please go to https://2factor.washburn.edu.

1. Log In

  • Using your Washburn credentials, log into https://2factor.washburn.edu. Be sure to perform the Captcha check by checking the checkbox for I’m not a robot and following the directions that may pop up. Click on Submit.

2. Send a Push Notification

  • Click on Send Me a Push. All you need to do is tap Approve on the Duo login request received at your registered phone/tablet, then you can manage your devices.

Adding More Devices

1. To Add Another Device

  • Simply press add another device, select the type of device you are adding.

2. Select Device Type

  • Select the type of device, and click continue.

3. Check Installation

  • Ensure that you have the Duo Mobile application installed on your device, and select ‘I have Duo Mobile installed’.

4. Activate

  • Follow the directions as listed to activate Duo.

5. Continue or Close

  • Click Continue or close your browser.
  • If you need help enrolling/managing your 2-factor devices in Duo, connecting to your PaloAlto GlobalProtect VPN client or to VDI, or mapping to Washburn network drives once connected, contact support@washburn.edu or call 785-670-3000.


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