Course Merge Request Form

The request form below will need to be filled out separately for each resulting set of merged courses that you are requesting.

For example, if you have A, B, C and D sections, and what you want is for A and B to be merged and for C and D to be merged, you must fill out two merge request forms.

If you are requesting to merge more than four courses together in any one merge request, please send an email to

If you have already begun course development, please list the course containing that development first on the form. Continue any further course development there. When the merge is complete, only the merged course will remain and the content of the course in which you have been working will be found in the merged course.

Feel free to leave any special notes or instructions in the Comments field. If we require any clarification of your special instructions, we will contact you. If you have any questions regarding this process, please send a message to

Please submit the online form.


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