Withdrawing from individual courses or a complete term

If you want to withdraw from a course, you may do so via your MyWashburn account when the course is available for advanced or open registration or enrollment. Specific instructions are available in the appropriate Registration Information Guide.

You can drop or add a class via your MyWashburn account at any time up until to the last day to withdraw. You can keep track of schedule changes by checking your MyWashburn account. Drops and adds are calculated separately, so in order to drop and add an equal number of class hours without any charge, you must do that within the published 100 percent refund period.

Making changes to your course schedule may cause a change in your financial aid and/or may cause you to have a financial obligation to the University. Please check this via your MyWashburn account. If an action causes you to have a credit balance, the credit will either be applied to your account, if you have a balance, or the excess will be direct deposited or mailed to you in check form according to your instructions. Please be sure your mailing address in MyWashburn is correct.

You may withdraw from semester courses via your MyWashburn accounts until the last day to withdraw. The date of withdrawal is determined by the day the withdrawal is processed on MyWashburn.

The responsibility for completing the withdrawal process rests with the student. Failure to officially withdraw results in the recording of F grades at the end of the semester/term and in being responsible for all assessed charges.

Specific deadlines for all courses, including out-of-sequence courses, can be found on MyWashburn by selecting the Student Academics tab and then selecting Last Day deadline for courses under the Additional Registration Information section.

If you plan to withdraw from all registered courses for a given term, you must contact the Student One Stop in Morgan Hall Room 101A. The date of contact is considered your official withdrawal date, providing you complete the additional steps as outlined by the Student One Stop. You are not able to withdraw yourself from the last course on your schedule via online self-service.

If you are unable to come to campus, you still contact the Student One Stop at either total-withdrawal@washburn.edu or 785.670.2162, before the University Registrar’s Office can process your complete withdrawal. You will not be able to withdraw entirely without first contacting the Student One Stop.

Please note that there are possible adverse effects of completely withdrawing. If you stop attending, you are not automatically withdrawn. If you do not properly withdraw completely for the term, you may receive a failing grade in any remaining course(s).

If you do not complete the steps given to you by the Student One Stop you will remain enrolled and be responsible for any tuition charges. You should access your MyWashburn account online and view the Detail Course Schedule link on the Student Academics Tab. The status will indicate withdrawn and the date the course was withdrawn successfully.

The responsibility for initiating and clearing withdrawal notices with the Student One Stop rests with you, not the faculty. Failure to officially withdraw results in the recording of F grades at the end of the semester/term and responsibility for all assessed charges. If you are receiving any grants, loans, or scholarships, review Return of Title IV Funds Policy and contact the Financial Aid Office at 785.670.1151. 

For semester courses, you may withdraw through the second week with no recorded grade. From the third through the eleventh week, a W is recorded for any dropped course. Beginning with the start of the twelfth week, there are no withdrawals, and a grade will be assigned for the course.

Specific dates for withdrawal in the summer are listed in the Registration Information Guide. The dates vary according to the length of session. Withdrawal procedures/ regulations are the same as stated above. Similar dates/deadlines for short term courses can be found on MyWashburn by selecting the Student Academics tab and then selecting Last Day deadlines for courses under the Registration section of Student Self-Service.

For information on medical withdrawals, see the section below. Complete withdrawals from the University for nonmedical reasons follow the same policies and deadlines as course withdrawals.

If you are unable to complete a semester or term due to serious illness or injury, you may withdraw from courses by the Last Day to withdraw from that semester. A Medical Withdrawal does not change the student’s financial obligation to the University.

For withdrawals with a medical basis after the last day to withdraw, you must present an affidavit signed by a licensed health care provider certifying the circumstances. This affidavit, as part of a Medical Withdrawal information packet, is available in the Student One Stop in Morgan Hall, Room 101A. The completed forms should be directed to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Bradbury Thompson Alumni Center Suite 200.

If you are called to active duty and must withdraw from classes as a result, please contact the Student Life Office in Morgan Hall 240 or by calling 785.670.2100.

If a student should die during a semester/session in which the student is duly enrolled, the student's estate will be refunded the tuition and fees based on the above stated policies. To initiate this process, the family may contact the Student Life Office in Morgan Hall 240 or by calling 785.670.2100.

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